Comparison of Indonesia vs Thailand

Comparison of Indonesia vs Thailand Instructions: Using a formal essay format (includes an introduction, body, and conclusion; uses a formal, professional tone), answer the assigned review question found at the end of each designated chapter. Draw examples and evidence from the two country cases listed.

Comparison of Indonesia vs Thailand
Comparison of Indonesia vs Thailand

Cite all sources using endnotes. The endnotes and a list of references should be placed on the back of the page.

Format: 1 page only, single-spaced only, Times New Roman font, font size 12, and 1-inch margins all around; heading should include your name, student number, class and section, date, and “_____ Exam: Question ____”; place endnotes before the References section; and both the endnotes and References sections should be on the back side of the page (i.e., page 2 of the double-sided sheet). Use the APSA method for citations.

Comparison of Indonesia vs Thailand Question

Question 5. How is the welfare outcome for women changing in developing countries today?

  • Draw examples and evidence from Indonesia and Thailand.
  • The question comes from textbook Powell, G. Bingham, Russel Dalton, and Kaare Strøm. 2012. Comparative Politics Today: A
  • Theoretical Framework, 6th Edition. Boston, Massachusetts: Pearson, Longman.
  • (ISBN-13: 978-0-205-08286-5 or ISBN-10: 0-205-08286-6)
  • Make sure to answer the question about how welfare outcomes for women are changing in developing countries and then give evidence from Indonesia and Thailand comparing Indonesia and Thailand in both body paragraphs
  • Basically compare and contrast Indonesia and Thailand in shared paragraphs, take the topic of the paper and put in format explained above…

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