Political Science Participation in Elections

Political Science Participation in Elections Answer the question in a 4-5 page essay (approximately 1000-1250 words double-spaced with 12 point font, 1″ margins and page numbers, exclusive of bibliography).

Political Science Participation in Elections
Political Science Participation in Elections

You should focus on using class materials from lecture and the readings to prepare your answer, but outside research is permitted. Your answer should have a clear thesis at the start, the body of points that answer the various parts of the topic, and a conclusion at the end. See the handout appended to the syllabus for more information on how to write and submit the essay. This will be worth 80 points if submitted as a hard copy on March 6th as well as uploaded to Canvas under “Assignments” for a source check.

1- To improve participation in elections, should the U.S. adopt compulsory voting? using the arguments in Birch article to help you develop your position.

P.s Birch uses a lot of sources in his article, be sure to cite correctly. You need to cite both birch and his source.

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