Create GCSE Quiz or Multiple Choice Questions

Create GCSE Quiz or Multiple Choice Questions I am looking people to create a GCSE subject based quiz or multiple choice questions.

science GCSEs Create GCSE Quiz or Multiple Choice Questions
science GCSE

GCSE Subjects include: Maths, English, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, RE, History, Geography, English Literature, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Media Studies and many more subjects.
I will give you guidelines for the questions. Essentially you would be creating questions to cover the GCSE syllabus for that subject.
The work is super easy. When I say easy, I do mean super easy. You will know what I mean when I show you.

Create GCSE Quiz or Multiple Choice Questions Guidelines

This job would suit teachers, tutors, people who know their subjects inside out like some students and graduates. The age group is 14-16 for GCSE’s.
We currently have teachers doing the exact same task. And they are being paid a fixed rate of $20 for every 50 questions. So normally it works like this. We set a milestone for every 50 questions. You can create the questions in something like Microsoft Word, send it to us.
The faster you are the better it is for us, but there is no pressure unless you take forever over the questions!

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