Critical thinking and Academic integrity

Critical thinking and Academic integrity
Critical thinking and Academic integrity

Presentation on Critical thinking and academic integrity.

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is threefold: to apply critical thinking skills, to demonstrate the relationship of these skills to academic integrity and to practise the skills of presentation of your work.

Process Using PowerPoint create a presentation for an audience of your fellow students on the topic of critical thinking and academic integrity. Use these questions to shape your presentation.

  1. How is new knowledge developed in academic settings?
  2.  What makes an academic argument persuasive to its reader?
  3. What elements are required (evidence etc) to build and refute an argument? Provide examples
  4. How do techniques such as mind mapping, brainstorming and critical reading support the development of new ideas?
  5. Describe critical thinking skills and explain how they relate to original or creative academic work. Provide examples
  6. Explain the function of academic integrity in higher education and the tools such as turnitin for self-assessing proper referencing and protecting the intellectual property of other academics.

Using words, images and links to engage your audience. Your presentation should be 10 slides in total (1000 words in length) plus images, links and references. (from the teacher- I suggest a 10 slide presentation and the rest is a written explanation . A picture is worth a thousand words would apply to this assignment) Reference your work using the APA style

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