Da Vinci and Pre Renaissance to Post Modernism

Da Vinci and Pre Renaissance to Post Modernism Students will produce an exhibition on a theme relating to some aspect of course material: Pre-Renaissance to Post Modernism.

Da Vinci and Pre Renaissance to Post Modernism
Da Vinci and Pre Renaissance to Post Modernism

The exhibition must display a “room.” The room must have between 10-15 artworks demonstrating a single theme. You are expected to visit several different websites to retrieve images (a minimum of three different sites). Your topic should be as specific as possible: Too broad: Impressionism More focused topic: The modern life of Paris in the art of Impressionism Too broad: Leonardo da Vinci More focused topic: The architectural drawings of Leonardo da Vinci You can choose to present your exhibition room using a PowerPoint presentation or other digital media (such as Video, Prezi, Google Open Gallery, Art Steps, etc). Note that students who use another format other than PowerPoint will receive a 5 point bonus. The goal of the exhibition is to form a flow that takes a viewer through the theme in a connected and seamless manner. The organization of the exhibition is paramount to the viewer’s experience. Consider how you may present information for the viewer to gain a more formal understanding of the theme. You may, for example, choose the obvious chronological ordering, or you may opt for a different flow. Give the organization careful consideration. All images must be captioned with the artist (if known), title, date and original location (where did the artwork originate?). Include two or three sentences for each image that explain its importance. Included in the exhibition is the information below either in a separate document attachment or embedded in the presentation itself (suggested). The written portion should be about 2 pages (double space). This can be considered the curator’s statement (you are the curator)…be creative! Title of the exhibition Introduction of the exhibit that includes goals. Why did you select this theme and what do you want the viewer to gain from this presentation? What was your rationale for selecting these images? What is your rationale for placing the images in the order that you did? How does your exhibit contribute to our understanding of course material? This is your opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of the subject and what you have learned in the course. Works Cited in MLA or APA citation style

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