Daily Consumption Habits Essay Paper

Daily Consumption Habits Essay Paper For Essay 1, you will write a 5-page essay on your daily consumption habits and the values that inform them.

Daily Consumption Habits
Daily Consumption Habits

You will evaluate whether your daily habits are reflective of your personal values, name the values that inform your daily consumption, and process/analyze how these values were developed (culture, family, friends, etc.). As your main argument, you should either motivate others to emulate your daily spending habits or evaluate how your daily spending habits might be harmful. The thesis should, therefore, argue whether the particular spending lifestyle that you selected is good (harmless, healthy, beneficial, etc.) or bad (harmful to the environment, to your body, to relationships, to economies, etc).

Focus on at least three of these factors and how they may have contributed to the particular consumer style that you have chosen to write about: culture, upbringing, socioeconomic status, identity (gender, race, sexual preference, etc.), personal values, personal responsibility, and others. You must incorporate the readings made at the beginning of the semester, and additional research to better persuade your reader of your main points. Several portions of this essay will be written in the first person, however, arguments should be framed in an academic, persuasive style in the third person. You will briefly summarize your daily consumption habits (or one that you choose to focus on) in no more than a page and a half. The majority of the essay should focus on the values that inform consumption, and how these habits are justified or not in your view. Use at least 3-5 external articles to support your points. You may cite articles that we read in class, especially ìThe Elements of Value.î Include a Works Cited page and follow format guidelines provided on the syllabus.

Tip: This essay should follow a Persuasive Essay structure, to convince the reader that your lifestyle choices should be emulated or that your lifestyle choices are not ideal.

Provide research regarding the possible effects of your choices on your health, the environment,

or your relationships.

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