Debate on Children and Childhood

Debate on Children and Childhood
    Debate on Children and Childhood

Debate on Children and Childhood – is Childhood Disappearing

Reading should include Neil postman book – Postman N (1994) the disappearance of childhood, New york.

The reading is needed in order to answer the question which is, is childhood disappearing. the essay should also have a vast amount of reading and it is an essay and i want debates for and against but i have a stand which i have written at the end.

This essay should focus on social construction of childhood in history, has there always been a childhood,has society ideas about children always been the same.where did our ideas of childhood come from difficulty in comparing childhoods

Cyber kids (is technology raising our children)
is childhood disappearing as Postman argues (main focus)

What is the state of contemporary childhood of concern at the current do these debates impact upon early childhood practice?

Personally i do not believe childhood is disappearing but i believe our idea of childhood is what is changing, children are no longer free to do what
children are meant to do which is play and explore their surroundings but there are all these laws limiting children and media playing on parents paranoia and making them hide their children indoors and limiting their social development to when they are only at school. And when they get home technology takes over and its either television so is the media and technology raising our children.

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