Formulation Interaction and Concept Mapping

Formulation Interaction and Concept Mapping The assignment for this week is very important because you will select a topic in a child or adolescent development area that will be used for the remaining assignments in this course working towards your Capstone Research Literature Review Paper.

Formulation Interaction and Concept Mapping
Formulation Interaction and Concept Mapping

As you conduct your literature search you will evaluate and establish the importance of the problem you have chosen to review.

Formulation Interaction and Concept Mapping

Topic and Formulation Interaction

Some general notes before narrowing the topic and formulating your problem are:

1) choose a topic of interest to you, so you may be motivated and enthusiastic in completing this course successfully and may use this research as a potential platform for future endeavors in academic or professional work;

2) your topic must be worthwhile (valid), that is it should be meaningful (ethical) to obtain results that provide new or add to CAD theories and potential implications to the field accordingly;

3) your topic should be do-able, which initially should be given you are developing a literature review of CAD research (searching and collecting literature in valid scholarly databases), however considering the second part of the capstone assignment and future research this is a valid point to consider and assure (time, ethics, accessibility, resources, etc.).

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