Microsoft Company Case Study Analysis

Microsoft Company Case Study Analysis Overview: In this second milestone assignment for the final project, you will continue your analysis of the economic problem presented in the case study on your selected company (Microsoft, Heinz, or American Airlines).

Microsoft Company Case Study Analysis
Microsoft Company Case Study Analysis

Using the information gathered in the problem statement, you must now frame your company’s problem within the context of the appropriate market structure, conducting mathematical and/or statistical calculations that will identify significant trends and relationships to facilitate demand forecasting and potential impacts on prof

its. Keeping in mind that your audience of corporate decision-makers may not be experts in economic theory and data analysis, you must seek to present your information in an easily accessible and understandable way.

Microsoft Company Case Study Analysis

Prompt: To complete the second step of this final project, you will submit a theoretical and quantitative analysis that links the problem statement to the relevant economic factors at play. Depending on your company’s unique problem, you may look to answer questions such as the following:

? Are customer preferences changing?

? Is there a shift in demand?

? Is there a change in technology?

To answer these questions, including a discussion of demand and its likely elasticity, an application of marginal analysis, and costs in your statement.

Microsoft Company Case Study Analysis

Identify and illustrate these trends and relationships using mathematical principles. This will involve the use of the proper algebraic, regression, and other quantitative methods to generate scatterplots of your data, highlighting trend lines and outliers as appropriate.

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