God is Not in Control of Everything

God is Not in Control of Everything Since there is suffering in the world, God is/is not in control of everything.

God is Not in Control of Everything
God is Not in Control of Everything

Brief guidelines for the research project:
1. The research should have both sides of the proposed topic; write an outline of the arguments. To do research which will tell us what is at stake in the topic and what arguments are being made on each side of the argument (Sometimes there are more than two sides. I realize that talking about these topics as either or is not always ideal. However, try to incorporate what you find in your research into the arguments in such a way that is helpful for us to understand what is involved in the conversation). God is Not in Control of Everything You research outline should adhere to the following criteria:
a. Two page outline (does not include work cited page), single-spaced, 12 size Times New Roman font.
b. All citations should be parenthetical. This is the author’s last name and page number where information may be found in parenthesis at the end of a sentence or point. Example (Smith 192).
c. You need to consult at least five sources. God is Not in Control of Everything Only one internet can be used as a source. On-line journals do not count as internet sources so feel free to use them.
d. You need to have a works cited page at the end of you outline as a separate page
3. What I am looking for in the outlines:
a. Organization and clarity of thought
b. An understanding of the basis issues at stake within the topic and both sides of the argument
c. How well you use your resources. In other words, I am not looking for your ideas with a few authors to support your conclusions. Of course your ideas and interest will manifest itself in the research but be aware of them and don’ t allow them to hinder or devalue what is being argued. God is Not in Control of Everything You are presenting what is being argued. You will have chances in the discussion to agree, disagree, and state you own views.
d. Treatment of all sides with respect.
e. Degree of preparation
f. Citation of sources
g. Overall persuasiveness of presentation
h. Created good discussion
i. Good answers to questions and objections
j. Knowledgeable in leading the discussion God is Not in Control of Everything

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