Graduate School Application Project iSystem

Graduate School Application Project System Students have two options to choose for their assignment.

Graduate School Application Project iSystem
Graduate School Application Project System

Option A: Complete a System (Organization) Review paper, or Option B: Complete a Graduate School Application project System (Organization) Review Paper Instructions

(If not a psychology major, then utilize the organizational environment in which you would likely find a satisfying career/ employment)

You are to research the Organizational Structure and Services offered by a metropolitan cityís (big U.S. City) Department of Human Services, Mental Health agency or Psychiatric hospital or Department of Social Services, or related Human Services agency located in a big city (e.g., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.).

Your goal will be to compare and contrast the services and programs of the Metropolitan (big U.S. city) to that of the Programs and services of a local Indiana agency, hospital or mental health facility (e.g., those located in Fort Wayne, Gary, Bloomington, Indianapolis, etc.). In other words, describe how the services offered locally and those offered in a big metropolitan city are similar and how they are different. Be sure to be specific.

Develop a description of three of the typical clients served by each of these agencies (local and metropolitan).

Develop a paragraph or two in which you speculate on why you believe these two departments are different and/or why you believe they are the same (e.g., nature of clientele served, number of clients served, budget, etc.).

Identify and describe 5 recommendations you would make to change or improve the services provided by each of these two departments (local and metropolitan) and be sure to tell why you are making these recommendations. Describe 2 positive outcomes you believe your recommended change would make for the clients served.

Minimum 3.5 pages, maximum 6 pages, double spaced excluding cover pages and reference pages. The paper should use a 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Please use APA formatting for any references used in the paperís text being sure to cite the source directly in the text when used and at the end of the document on an APA formatted reference page.


ALL papers for this course must be thoroughly proofread before being submitted. Significant points will be taken off for misspelled words, wrong words used, missing words, grammar mistakes, incomprehensible phrases/sentences, and punctuation errors. Points WILL be taken off for these mistakes. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS, and DO NOT TRUST A COMPUTER TO FIND THESE MISTAKES FOR YOU; computers are not as smart as humans in that they cannot differentiate incorrect content from correct content.


ìGraduate School Applicationî Project Instructions

In order to motivate you and help you prepare to apply for a Masters or doctoral degree program in counseling, psychology or an allied area of mental health care, you are to select a graduate program and complete their required application materials. Specifically,

  1. You are to download a graduate college application for a graduate program (in counseling, psychology or an allied mental health area) of your choice and complete the application for submission. (You are NOT actually applying; this is merely for the assignment, and to learn the process of applying. Do NOT actually send out the application, or pay any fees!)
  2. Develop a thorough Justification Statement that clearly articulates why (specifically) you believe that you are a good match academically for the program given the nature and type of training being offered, the types of courses being taught and the practice or research interests of the faculty. Please be aware that merely wanting to do this is not much of justification; the college wants to hear much more about this other than your needs/desires. (This should be at LEAST one FULL pageÖanything less is inadequate.)
  3. Develop a thorough Personal Statement that helps the admitting faculty get to know you and understand what it is about you that makes you suitable for training in their program and likely a unique individual that would add to their incoming training class. Please be sure to address personal, social, cultural or any other issues that you believe are pertinent to you being an application that they will want to admit. (This should be at LEAST one FULL pageÖanything less is inadequate.)

They are two SEPARATE pages.


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