Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present

Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present Write a paper evaluating an essay in the style of an essay called an evaluation.

Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present
Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present

For an evaluation essay, you will be evaluating your subject’s quality based on a set of criteria that you decide is the basis for your judgment about your subject. Your claim will be making a judgment about value, such as whether or not a product, idea or text is good or bad (or somewhere in-between). This assignment meets the course learning objective to be able to describe, analyze and write contemporary arguments. You may choose your topic from this list: Critical Essay Topics Preview the document

Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present Critical Essay Topics

Health Care Reforms, past or present

Social Media (i.e. How online friendships are made or how they differ than in real life, the effect on marketing or culture, relationship to news, or other options you may check with me about).

Topics about cultural diversity or bilingualism

Racism or other specific forms of discrimination

GMOs or other topics in agriculture

Environmental safety practices (such as oil or mining) or environmental pollution

Evaluate or analyze an art form

A current government policy (besides health care)

How the media influences stereotypes, insecurities or commerce

The reason behind the design of an American monument or another form of meaningful architecture

Physical fitness or wellness

A new technological advancement

An addiction or disease


Future trends in careers or employment

Common Debates

You may write on one of these common debates, but the focus should be on finding a unique point of view that is explained in terms of where it fits among other arguments on the same topic. A few examples of common debates are gun control, Roe vs. Wade or climate change.

Your paper should include:

Introduction to your subject (including any relevant background info)

Statement of judgment (consider this in terms of value: good, bad, better than, worse than, of merit, worthless)

Three reasons with evidence in support of the judgment

Statement of the opposing side´s position (opposite – i.e., this is not a good point because…)

Opposing side’s position must be supported by evidence

A counterargument that explains why your evaluative judgment is correct over the opposing side’s position. You should back your counterargument with evidence that refutes the opposing side’s position.

Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present Conclusion (in paragraph form-usually 3-5 sentences).

You’ll need to include a Work Cited page following your essay.

You’ll need to cite your sources in MLA style, which is the type of formatting needed for English papers. Please refer to Module 2 to review the information on MLA style citations. You’ll need to cite the essay you evaluated in your Work Cited page, in addition to any other sources you might use. The only required source is an essay that you evaluate if you complete a critique of an essay, or a source on an evaluative claim that you make on a topic.

More info: Essays need to be about 4 or 5 pages long, double-spaced in 12 pt regular font

English 102

Dr. Marylin Brook

October 5,2018

Racism in media

Racism is a form of discrimination and has always existed in society for centuries. It would be expected that with the current technological and social developments in the world, racism would be a thing of the past. However, intolerance, unfairness, and prejudice still remain deeply rooted in our old-fashioned ethnic background masked by narrow-minded values and customs. Today the media has a great influence and dictates many aspects of our lives. It influences the way we behave, the type of foods we eat, the way we dress, etc. The media is therefore very sensitive since it touches on peoples’ lives on a daily basis. However, the media has also been used in enhancing racism through social media, billboards, magazines, movies and television commercials.

Racism can be defined as discrimination based on skin color, eyes and hair texture (Feagin 4). It leads to a conviction that certain skin color, eyes and hair texture is superior to another. This conviction normally leads to prejudice and discrimination directed towards people believed to be inferior. These perceptions make it hard for one to trust another from a different race and at some point, one may fail to give the other the benefit of doubt simply because of their skin, eyes and hair texture differences. With racism tucked under our skins, the question is, is the human race really advanced? Through widespread investigations and examinations, it is clear and evident that racism exists in today’s society. Racist actions normally target people of a different skin colour, hair texture or shape of the eye yet no one has control over since races are genetically marked. The media to a large extent manipulate the way diverse races interact, in fact, newspapers, radio, internet, movies, and television are at times used to give deceptive and ambiguous information with the purpose to mislead or be unjust.

Results from surveys done indicate that racism in media is a common existing thing and that people who are not white are not represented equally as whites in advertisements placed either in the internet, magazines and newspapers, television or radio commercials. Based on the census conducted in the U.S., 35% of Americans are people of color but only 7% of advertisements feature blacks while the other minority races are less represented. This has led to what is described as “Beauty whitewash”, a condition where people change their skin color or hair texture either digitally or by use of toxic chemicals so as to conform to the white race. People sop up so much information from advertisements and that is why the mass still has some rigid opinions hence advertisements should not contain any manner of prejudice based on race, sex, traditions, belief or any other factors. Dove’s and H&M’s advertisements are examples of racist advertisements posted on media. In October of 2017, Dove dropped an advertisement on Facebook, a three-minute GIF which showed a black person cleansed and undressed herself to turn into a white person. ”Dove’s ad was not an isolated case by one company, but the latest in a long line of tone-deaf ads by many companies “, Astor. Earlier in this year, 2018, H&M clothing brand had launched a controversial advertisement which a colored skin child wearing a hoodie with the slogan: “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” . The Internet went viral. H&M then took the advertisement down and the product was not being sold in the US.

Nearly everyone likes Disney movies yet some characters are portrayed in a racial bias.  It is evident that whites are positive characters while the negative characters are people of color. Taking into considerations that these movies target children as the main audience, such clandestine racism may influence the way children treat people from different races. For instance, in the movie, Jungle Book, the gorillas speak in black vernacular, they sound a lot more like white guys adopting the black culture, rather than appropriating it. In addition,  Mowgli is one of the very few non-white heroes in all of these movies and he’s definitely the only Indian so far. “The Lady and the Tramp”, takes place in an early twentieth century American neighborhood populated by dogs of varying class from Scotland, England, the American south and Russia. And there are people from Italy, Germany and Ireland. Siamese cats, Si and Am, are drawn with slanted eyes and they speak with an Asian accent, and also portrayed as villainous and sneaky. There is also a Chihuahua who speaks in an exaggerated Mexican tone. The movie “Peter Pan”  Native Americans were represented as gamblers who can barely speak English. None of the Native American actually speak to Peter and his gang. Instead, the chief of the tribe speaks inbroken jargon, stereotypical to the way native Americans are mocked.

However, the level of racism in media has significantly decreased in modern days. In fact, less racist advertisements are being used with more appearances in the advertisements being from colored people. Asians and colored people have increasingly been used in advertisements that it was in the past. It is noted that in the movie industry, non-white characters have been given more roles to play and speak fluent English. In the music industry, people accept or indulge freely in other race music. On July 15, 2017, a Korean song, “ Gangnam Style” went viral all over the world, within the US,  the song was downloaded 301,000 times alone, according to Business Insider. The world phenomenon, a Korean boy band, BTS is touring around the world, their concerts sold out in minutes. They were the first Asian singers who get to speak at the UN.

In conclusion, it is vital to remember that unfairness in the media is a mirror image of the permanent marks left on humanity from past ordeal. Still there exist nuanced introductions to today’s social climate that explains centuries of political, social and cultural engagements, of which some are still continuing. Everyone has their own exclusive know-how and incremental influences that continuously affect how one identifies their own and others’ racial setting. As much as those in the production of media engage in racial practices, but also some who are not in the production at times enhance racism in their own small ways. The media is a driving force in that it influences our belief and values to a huge extent. It induces how people associate with each other. The information presented by the media in regard to a particular group of people is in actual sense the way that the public will understand the behaviors and expectations of that group of people.

Health Care Reforms in the Past or Present Work cited

Feagin, Joe. Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations, 2nd Edition. New York: Routledge publishers. 2009, p. 4-6. to an external site. to an external site.

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