The Evaluation Essay Based on a Set of Criteria

The Evaluation Essay Based on a Set of Criteria Write a paper evaluating an essay in the style of an essay called an evaluation.

The Evaluation Essay Based on a Set of Criteria
The Evaluation Essay Based on a Set of Criteria

For an evaluation essay, you will be evaluating your subject’s quality based on a set of criteria that you decide is the basis for your judgment about your subject. Your claim will be making a judgment about value, such as whether or not a product, idea or text is good or bad (or somewhere in-between). This assignment meets the course learning objective to be able to describe, analyze and write contemporary arguments. You may choose your topic from this list: Critical Essay TopicsPreview the document

The Evaluation Essay Based on a Set of Criteria Critical Essay Topics

Health Care Reforms, past or present

Social Media (i.e. How online friendships are made or how they differ than in real life, effect on marketing or culture, relationship to news, or other options you may check with me about).

Topics about cultural diversity or bilingualism

Racism or other specific forms of discrimination

GMOs or other topics in agriculture

Environmental safety practices (such as oil or mining) or environmental pollution

Evaluate or analyze an art form

A current government policy (besides health care)

How the media influences stereotypes, insecurities or commerce

The reason behind the design of an American monument or another form of meaningful architecture

Physical fitness or wellness

A new technological advancement

An addiction or disease


Future trends in careers or employment

Common Debates

You may write on one of these common debates, but the focus should be on finding a unique point of view that is explained in terms of where it fits among other arguments on the same topic. A few examples of common debates are: gun control, Roe vs. Wade or climate change.

Your paper should include:

Introduction to your subject (including any relevant background info)

Statement of judgment (consider this in terms of value: good, bad, better than, worse than, of merit, worthless)

Three reasons with evidence in support of the judgment

Statement of the opposing side´s position (opposite – i.e., this is not a good point because…)

Opposing side’s position must be supported by evidence

A counterargument that explains why your evaluative judgment is correct over the opposing side’s position. You should back your counterargument with evidence that refutes the opposing side’s position.

Conclusion (in paragraph form-usually 3-5 sentences).

You’ll need to include a Work Cited page following your essay.

You’ll need to cite your sources in MLA style, which is the type of formatting needed for English papers. Please refer to Module 2 to review the information on MLA style citations. You’ll need to cite the essay you evaluated in your Work Cited page, in addition to any other sources you might use. The only required source is an essay that you evaluate if you complete a critique of an essay or a source on an evaluative claim that you make on a topic.

More info: Essays need to be about 4 or 5 pages long, double-spaced in 12 pt regular font

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