Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review This research paper involves writing on the contemporary social issue,

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review
Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

“Homelessness”, in which community psychology often deals with, and writing a thorough research paper on the causes and possible programmatic strategies that community psychologists may engage in to address this issue. The final product will be around 17-18 page paper.

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

Students will be expected to identify at least 15 current and methodologically sound research studies (e.g., peer-reviewed, government studies) on their topic (homelessness). This report should be written in APA style and should contain appropriate citations.

Community Psychology (PSY 375i): Paper Details:

The first step is to choose a topic on some pressing social issue.- HOMELESSNESS

The goal of the paper is for you to become well versed in the causes (etiology) and possible ways of addressing the social issue within the context of your community (presumably Long Beach, but certainly tailor the paper to address where you consider home). – Los Angeles

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

Prevalence and Etiology of the Problem

You should first conduct a literature search to obtain information on the prevalence of the problem (i.e., how common is it? Who and how many people experience it?) and the etiology of the problem (i.e., what causes the problem? Which individual, group, organization, or social conditions contribute to the existence of the problem?).

The introduction of the paper should focus on a description of the issue in its many forms, the consequences of the issue for individuals, families, and community, and the prevalence rates of the issue within the chosen community (e.g., what are the rates of homelessness in Long Beach).

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

The body of the first part of the paper (Use the subheader ìEtiologyî) will involve at least eight (8) research articles that identify causes of the issue at the individual/family, organization, community, and societal levels. These articles must come from academic journals (that is, no websites, textbooks, newspaper articles, or magazine articles). The majority of these articles should be actual studies, but you may supplement them with data from books, literature reviews, or government documents. Although you may use empirical articles from any relevant discipline, articles from community psychology journals may be particularly helpful (e.g., American Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Social Issues, etcÖ)

I am including a grid worksheet (a separate document) to help in keeping your information organized. Be sure to include 2-3 causes at each level of analysis. Use additional subheaders for each level and write 6-10 pages synthesizing what you have learned about the extent and causes of your social problem.

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

Addressing the Social Problem

You will design an intervention addressing the causes you identified in the previous section of the paper. You may want to use the grid worksheet to make sure to address all the causes. Select at least one cause from each row (e.g., one cause at the individual level, one cause at the family/group level, one cause at the community level, and one cause at the societal level).

Use the subheader (Strategies) and additional subheaders for each level.

You should describe the social change approach you will use to address the cause in detail. Explain why you feel this approach will work and walk through the practical aspects of implementing your proposed solution (e.g., how will you get the community involved? How will you get collaborators to cooperate? How will you get the funding?). Now move on to your group/familial level causes and repeat the description process of your intervention until you have created an intervention at all four levels.

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

I encourage you to be creative as well and come up with your own ideas. In this section, you may certainly refer to scholarly sources. You may use as many as you want, but the balance of all the sources for the entire paper should be about 15 (so if you use nine for the first part of the paper, you must have at least six for the second part. The journals that would be most helpful for this part are those that focus on community psychology or evaluation. See me if you need guidance). You are not limited to that number of articles, nor are you restricted from bringing in other sources. Rather, 15 peer-reviewed articles is the minimum requirement.

Homelessness Extensive Literature Review

Try to push yourself to be both creative and thorough when developing your intervention (i.e., pretend you’re really trying to convince someone to carry out your plan and provide enough details so one could actually implement your program). Remember: this is your program. You are not telling me what someone else should do. You are telling me what you will do. It is your proposal to me, as, say, a potential backer or funder.

Once again, writing clarity is important so please pay attention to grammar, organization, and clarity.

15-18 full pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1-inch margins, APA format, title/cover page, citations and reference page required.

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