Ippolito Argues Those Federal Tax Policy

Ippolito Argues Those Federal Tax Policy Instructions: Think about the questions and your answers before you start writing. You MUST use the course materials to support your analysis and conclusions. COURSE MATERIAL FOR EACH QUESTION IS ATTACHED.

Ippolito Argues Those Federal Tax Policy
Ippolito Argues Those Federal Tax Policy

Other materials not allowed, ONLY course materials.

Please answer Questions 1, 2 and 3. These questions are designed to be broad enough to permit more than one single right answer and reasoned disagreement with course material is always permitted. Analysis and use of class materials count! I want to know how you think and how you synthesize the course materials (the Instructor)

  1. Using examples from the course materials, explain this statement:

Ippolito Argues Those Federal Tax Policy

When policy-makers decide to change the economy or society’s behavior, the tax code is usually their tool of choice.

Give a good number of examples. (hint: one big example is tax preferences) (AT LEAST 4 PAGES)

  1. Ippolito argues that federal tax policy should be analyzed in the budget policy context emphasizing the relationship between 4 key factors: revenue, spending, deficits, and debt. Using the course materials, explain how different presidential administrations have interpreted the relative importance of these four factors in formulating tax policy to influence economic growth and budgetary policy. Refer to at least three presidential administrations in your answer. (AT LEAST 6 PAGES)
  2. Using the materials FROM WEEK 3 and the GAO Tax Expenditure Policy Evaluation Sheet, select any tax expenditure and asses the tax expenditure’s effectiveness. Make a recommendation about the merits of its continued inclusion in the tax expenditure budget. (AT LEAST 3 PAGES)

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