How APTA is transforming society

How APTA is transforming society
How APTA is transforming society

How APTA is transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience

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APTA’s vision for physical therapy is “transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience”. How will you embody this vision as a future physical therapist?

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How APTA is transforming society

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), in 2000, adopted a vision statement for its profession in physical therapy. This vision is ‘transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience’ (Hayhurst, 2014). The Association however has a strategic plan to help its members achieve their vision. As a future physical therapist, I would come up with my own principles that will guide me in achieving this vision. The principles would clearly demonstrate how the society in general would look after the vision of transforming society has been achieved.

Despite the fact that the American physical Therapy Association is adopted a vision for its future physical therapists, it also has a great impact to the society at large. It inspires people in the society to come together as a community to create important systems that may optimize movements and great functions for all people. All people that contribute and participate in the society move from one place to another to gain more experience. It is said to be a means of a most favorable way of living and excellence of life. This applies to any individual that extends beyond health to his or her ability to participate in the society. The society, however, may also involve some complex needs that may result to a poor lifestyle that may further lead to a physical therapy. Examples of these complex needs could be the needs that may eventually result from a sedentary lifestyle. The physical therapy may give way to a reduction of the costs for health cares and at the same time, it may overcome all barriers that may prevent involvement in the society which will further guarantee a good future existence of the society at large (Hayhurst, 2014).

As a future physical therapist, I would evaluate and manage people’s movement in order to encourage a very favorable development, limit activities, make a diagnosis of impairments, restrict participation, and provide intercessions that may prevent or ameliorate limitations in activities and participation. My central point is the movement system with my main reason being to improve the health of the society. This is mainly because the movement system helps one to understand the structure, the functioning and the potential of the human body. This is where I would mainly practice on to encourage and promote the most favorable development. After that identity, I would go ahead and involve myself in dissemination, validation and generation of the evidences that take up payments for the outcomes and the clients’ satisfaction. I would demonstrate too much competence and strive to prevent events that may be unfavorable to the patient. I would ensure I give my best in my client’s intervention, examination, diagnosis and quality outcome measurement. I would strive as much as I can to prevent any possible adverse events that could be related to my patients care.

To solve the health challenges that the society faces, the physical therapy profession must collaborate with other people including the consumers, community organizations, healthcare providers and other disciplines. Thus, apart from giving quality diagnosis, I would ensure I have the value of collaboration to help me achieve the company’s vision. I would ensure services are of value, consumer-centered and coordinated by co-managing, engaging other consultants, and supervising and directing care.  To achieve the best value, I would ensure a safe, client-centered, efficient, effective, and above all, an equitable physical therapy profession. Apart from that, my outcomes would be both meaningful and cost friendly to clients. This profession offers imaginative and practical solutions that enhance the delivery of health services, and at the same time, increases its value to the society. I would then innovate and collaborate with developers, entrepreneurs and engineers to extend and reach beyond my client’s settings.

In this profession, I would ensure I provide my services by responding to the cultural considerations of individuals, their needs and values. Their goals are the central part in which this profession engages. Cultural competence is a necessary skill that would ensure a good practice in providing the therapy services in this profession. I would support all patients in practice, education and in research to ensure I promote necessary changes, take on best practices principles and approaches, and at the same time, ensure that the physical therapy systems are consumer centered (Hayhurst, 2014). Finally as a physical therapist, I would be acquainted with the health imbalances; that is the disparities and the inequities, and work hard towards ameliorating them through inventive models of advocacy, collaboration, service delivery and clear attention to all social determinants of physical condition to consumers and the collaboration with the community entities. I would manage and promote any necessary changes to my clients so as to adopt the best practices ever in my standards and all kinds of approaches.

These guidelines of identity, consumer centricity, collaboration, value, advocacy, quality and innovation show how the society and the physical therapy profession will be, once the vision is achieved. As a future physical therapist, I would do my best to make sure I follow those guidelines for the sake of the society and the profession.


Hayhurst, C. (2014). A Vision to Transform Society. Physical Therapy, 20-25.

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