Human Rights Violation and its Impact on Women

Human Rights Violation and its Impact on Women Choose an example of human rights violation that impacts on the lives of women and discusses it.

Human Rights Violation and its Impact on Women Instructions

You may choose a general or specific example. However, given the length of the essay, in most cases, it would be advisable to choose a specific example. This will enable you to discuss and analyze it in more detail.

Human Rights Violation and its Impact on Women
Human Rights Violation and its Impact on Women

A good essay will:

  • Briefly describe the chosen example and its impact.
  • Identify any international, regional and domestic (national) instruments relevant to your example. Include specific detail.
  • Discuss any formal or informal mechanisms that address your example.
  • Critique the effectiveness of the instruments and mechanisms you have selected.
  • Suggest a way forward. This will act as your conclusion.


While you may not be familiar with words such as ‘instruments’ or ‘mechanisms’, they are explained as the course progresses and well before your essays are due.

Instrument: The term instrument refers to treaties, covenants, conventions, etc.

Mechanism: The term mechanism refers to the means established formally or informally to monitor the implementation of treaty obligations. It covers formal bodies such as treaty bodies or committees and other international, regional and local means established for this purpose. It includes informal mechanisms, such as NGOs who seek to hold governments to account for their human rights records, and other mechanisms that seek to do the same thing, e.g. the media.

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