Human Sexuality Research Essay Paper

Human Sexuality Research Essay Paper This portion of the exam is untimed.  Please use standard essay format and I expect that you will proofread and edit your work before you submit it.

Human Sexuality Research
Human Sexuality Research

There is no set page requirement as some students are very concise in their writing and others are not.  It is expected that you will fully respond to the prompt and that all statements/claims/ideas/suggestions are fully supported.  Submit your work through the link on CC and [for faster grading] bring a stapled hard copy to class for me to grade.

Human Sexuality Research Essay Paper Prompt

Give yourself or your partner [real or imaginary] a sexual dysfunction [your choice; categories of dysfunction are desire, arousal, orgasm or pain – there are many dysfunctions within each of these categories; many of which we have already discussed in class].  Summarize the disorder including its history of discovery [who did the research and how], symptoms, incidence/prevalence, possible causes [physical and psychological], diagnosis, treatment/prevention.

Using your amazing powers of creativity and critical thinking hypothesize how this ‘dysfunction’ could affect the person beyond the physical – for example, if you had this condition what do you think it would do to your self-esteem, your ability to relate to other people, your sex life, etc.

How do you think your culture/society/religion would play a role in:

? How you and others feel about this dysfunction?

? Self and other’s perception of the person with this dysfunction?

? The person’s ability/desire to seek treatment?

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