Intercultural Patterns and Communications

Intercultural Patterns and Communications Please answer the following questions completely and accurately:

Intercultural Patterns and Communications
Intercultural Patterns and Communications

1. Why do experts say that the Communication Accommodation Theory is a heuristic theory?
2.While anxiety and uncertainty are considered somewhat normal human responses to the unfamiliar, what are some ways people can
manage these elements?
3. Consider the emotion of expectation or hope. What verbal and nonverbal clues are associated with this emotion? How would an observer
know that the speaker is experiencing this emotional state?
4. Consider the example of the smile as a form of nonverbal communication. What does the smile convey, and why might you think that
many visitors to the United States notice that people smile at one another far less in large cities than in small towns?
What large cultural patterns might be behind this fact?
Write a multi-paragraph response.
5. Choose two characters from the film Dr. Strangelove and identify how their use of nonverbal communication is effective in providing
the viewer with an understanding of their characterization.
6. How does the use of eye contact and eye movement affect a conversation? What does this imply about the use of nonverbal forms
of communication in regards to the ability of such communication to affect the way a message is conveyed?
7. How do ethnocentric people perceive their culture in comparison with others?
8. Based on your knowledge of the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict, present an argument as to why a two-state political solution
might not be acceptable to either Israel or Palestine.
9. Describe a situation where clothing choices could promote effective intercultural communication for a person who is visiting
within another culture.
10. How does a person exhibit a normative stereotype?
11. What does it mean to describe culture as “dynamic” or “heterogeneous?”

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