International Organization Making a Difference Essay

International Organization Making a Difference
International Organization Making a Difference

International Organization Making a Difference Essay

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Topic: International Organization Making a Difference

Question/Prompt: The assignment this module/week is to research an international group, NGO, or other similarly situated group and explain how this group is helping to engage an international audience. If this is an area of interest or passion for you that should also be noted.


According to Lee (2008), World Health Organization (WHO) is an affiliate body of the United Nations that is responsible for promoting health related issues throughout the world. It is one of the international bodies that have made a huge impact in promoting healthy living of millions of people across the globe. WHO innovates methods to ensure that birth rates are not falling and also to make sustainable ways in health care systems of different countries. Having a high rapid growing ageing population a lot of health care attention is needed with improvements in the health sector to curb illness from different ailments. This international institution has partnered with several non-governmental institutions around the world to improve the general healthcare of both children and adults. WHO is well known to have provided leadership on matters critical to health and also engaged in a partnership that encourages healthy living among the people. The organization is also known to have built sustainable institutional capacity, catalyzed changes and provided technical support to matters pertaining health, hence have succeeded in address health situations in various countries and finally addressing the health trends. Millennium development goals played an important goal in shaping the WHO’s work by ensuring that there is environmental sustainability and improvement in matters concerning maternal health. Since its inception, this body has engaged its audience in the elimination of smallpox, which used to threaten the lives of millions of people. Currently, the WHO is trying very hard to eliminate diseases such as TB, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other communicable diseases that threaten the survival of humankind (Lee, 2008). Moreover, the WHO has engaged its audience in dealing with matters related to food security, healthy eating, sexual and reproductive health and substance abuse. WHO addresses the underlying social and economic determinants of health related policies in addition to promoting a healthier environment through the promotion of public policies that pose no threat to the environment. This health agency partners with the World Bank, International Health Partnership, and the various governments to promote their health related agendas.


Lee, K. (2008). World Health Organization (Global Institutions). Routledge.

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