Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard Question4.”Recommendations on how the industry can deal with plus size”

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard
Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard

Fashion is a trend that is dynamic in nature. Every generation has its own sense of style, and this sets it apart from other generations. Similarly, the Canadian fashion industry is always changing. The changes are partly caused by globalization as different cultures interact on a global scale. Marketing and the media have an impact on the fashion industry. The media sets standards which are then embraced by the fashion industry as a whole. Fashion is very responsive to different factors including government intervention. The government intervenes to regulate companies and regulate competition. Several fashion giants have merged in the Canadian fashion industry, and this has had an impact on the industry. One of the trends that have emerged in the fashion industry is an exploration of the plus-size market. Many players in the fashion industry are attempting to accommodate the plus-size market. The paper analyzes trends in the Canadian fashion industry and compares it to the global fashion industry.

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard

The plus-size market has not been exploited fully in the Canadian’s fashion industry. Retailers have often relied on traditional business models that mainly focus on optimizing physical space and inventory. However, the current trend in the fashion industry shows that the Canadian fashion industry is ready to embrace the plus size market. In the short run, fashion companies will abandon traditional business models as they seek to expand their market base. The fashion industry’s norm of embracing women who only conform to certain unrealistic ideals of feminine beauty will be dropped. Additionally, the fashion industry will do away with the unconscious bias that often characterizes the fashion industry. Designs will change as women who are considered to belong to the plus size market are integrated into the fashion industry.

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard

Another key prediction with regards to the trend is adjustments in advertising. In order for the fashion industry to embrace the plus-size market, the advertising mechanism have to change significantly. The advertising will have to integrate models who belong to the plus-size category. Various brands that stock the plus-size clothing will have to change the methods of advertising as they seek to explore the market and make profitable returns. The annual growth rate of the plus-size market seems to be increasing. As a result, to eliminate the problems associated with the decline in other markets, retail companies will have to give the plus-size market increased attention. The attention means that adverts that feature the plus-size market as inappropriate for the fashion industry will have to be eliminated.

Another key stage in the lifecycle of the trend is the integration of the plus-size men into fashion plans. Men are often neglected in the debate of the plus-size market. The concentration is on women when analyzing the plus-size market. Women are mainly considered to fall into the category of plus-size if they exceed a certain size. However, in the short run, the debate will also integrate plus-size men. The fashion companies in Canada and globally will start taking plus-size men into account. While men’s bodies are not discussed in public as women, the integration of the plus-size market into the fashion industry will most likely change this norm. The media will also increase its scrutiny on men’s bodies something that has not been happening over the past. Advertisers and the media largely benefit from an analysis of fashion trends. Exploring the trend will hence be beneficial to both the media and advertisers. While the term plus-size has been used over the years to refer to women, the fashion industry embracing the plus-size will mean that the term will in the short run extend to men. The media will embrace the representation of different body shapes and sizes. The representation will also mean that references to weight will reduce as people start getting used to the idea of the plus-size market.

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard

In the foreseeable future, many fashion companies will start competing for plus-size individuals. The implication is that this will result in flooding as designers explore different garments for the plus-size market. It has taken long, but fashion giants have started discovering that the plus-size market deserves good and trendy clothes. The plus-size market will hence have a wide variety of choices in the foreseeable future. Both men and women who fall under the plus size market have money that can be spent on fashionable items. As a result, the companies will launch a fierce competition as they all seek to capture the attention of the plus-size market. Competition increases the welfare of consumers.

Overall, it has taken long, but the fashion industry in Canada and globally is exploring the plus-size market. After being in the shadows, the plus-size individuals are finally stepping into the limelight. The trend is mainly being fuelled by the fact that the fashion companies need to remain profitable and therefore have to explore different innovative ways of remaining profitable. The rise of social media is also having an implication on the fashion industry as individuals air their views and concerns. In the foreseeable future, many companies will flood the plus-size market.

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard Assignment Sheet

Assignment Name:      Assignment#3 Group Market Trend Analysis

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze the domestic fashion industry with respect to the components and features of Canadian and global fashion
  2. Define the impact and nature of government involvement in the fashion industry in Canada and globally
  3. Compare and contrast the domestic fashion industry to the industry on a global scale in terms of wholesale and retail, import-export, and manufacturing operations
  4. Compare and contrast the wide variety of business segments and sectors within the Canadian and global fashion industry
  5. Evaluate the effect of current economic trends on the fashion industry

Is the Plus Size Market Finally Being Heard Instructions

In groups of 2-3, a new retailing trend will be assigned to you. You will prepare a presentation for the class.  Your presentation and subsequent report should:

  1. Establish the trend’s existence (use real examples and visuals from the fashion industry)
  2. Explain what’s fueling the trend (it’s causes)
  3. Overview the probable effects of the trend on the fashion industry
  4. Offer recommendations on how the industry can deal with the trend
  5. Predict a possible life-cycle for the trend (short-lived or here for the foreseeable future).

Works cited:

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