Is Using Antimatter as Fuel for Rockets Feasible

Is Using Antimatter as Fuel for Rockets Feasible As a first step in your analytical report project, you will write an internal research proposal requesting approval of a research question.

Is Using Antimatter as Fuel for Rockets Feasible
Is Using Antimatter as Fuel for Rockets Feasible

Your purpose is
to provide an overview of your proposed analysis and convince me of the merits of your research project.
In seeking approval for your research, you should include the following in your proposal:
– an introduction that provides background on the problem/question
– the purpose of your analysis (your analytical question)
– the intended professional audience who wants the answer to your research question
– perceived benefits of your research for the intended audience
– the scope of the study (i.e., areas of investigation)
– potential research sources (some specificity expected here; URLs not appropriate)
– a conclusion that reaffirms the value of your project and requests approval to proceed
Format your proposal as a memo, directed to me, and use subheads to make the content accessible. Limit the memo to one page
Drug, Society & Human Behavior
Effects of Heroin Abuse (Refer to attachment for full details)
The paper needs to be 6-7 pages long plus a title page, abstract page, and references pages. You must reference at least 5 peers reviewed journal articles.
Your paper should address the following:
What is the history of the drug?
Why is the drug a problem to society? What are problems or issues that surround the drug?
How does the drug work? What are the adverse health effects of taking the drug?
What are the psychological and physiological effects of the drug?
What is being done to combat the problems or adverse health effects associated with the drug?
Are there any current treatments? How effective are they?
What recommendations do you have for a drug education/prevention program for this particular drug?

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