Management Organizational Design Guidelines

Management Organizational Design Guidelines Assignment of Organization Design Guidelines
1.The maximum length of the coursework is 3,000 words

Management Organizational Design Guidelines
Management Organizational Design Guidelines

2. The title of the assignment is: A critical review of two articles relating to aspects of contemporary organisational design
Both articles below were published in Organization Studies
a) T.Jensen & J.Sandstrom, Stakeholder Theory and Globalisation: The Challenge of Power and Responsibility, 2011, Vol. 32 (4) pp.473-488
b) S.Helm & J.Sandstrom, Resisting a Corporate Code of Ethics and The Reinforcement of Management Control, 2010, Vol.31 (5) pp.583-604
3. These two critical reviews have to be done separately, one by one, instead of comparison or mix together in one review.
4. The critical review should include the following:
?The titles of the articles being reviewed using the Harvard referencing system
An outline of the contents of each article
An explanation of the research method employed by the authors and an assessment of its advantages and disadvantages
A discussion of the findings of each article and their contribution to the relevant debates within Organisational Design
An overall assessment of each article, giving reasons for your views

Management Organizational Design Guidelines and Assignment Notes

Notes on preparing the assignment
These notes are intended to clarify what is required by this assignment and to answer any questions you might have about it.
You need to remember that a critical review is about more than criticising an author’s work. It’s about evaluating the overall quality of the writing – in
this case the 2 articles you have been asked to review. You need to look at both the strength and weaknesses of each article.
Obviously you need to follow the guidelines set out in the brief I prepared for the assignment which is in the Assessment section of Blackboard.
In relation to research method – here you are being asked to look at the conclusions reached in the articles and assess the extent to which these are
supported by the evidence presented by the authors and how this evidence was produced. In other words you need to say whether their research methods were
appropriate and whether they have yielded enough evidence to justify the arguments in the article.
You can give your opinions about the articles you are reviewing BUT again, you must support your opinions with evidence – e.g. if you say an article has
weaknesses, give examples. Distinguish between fact and opinion.
Think about whether the articles are coherent, logically structured, and are the conclusions linked to the evidence set out in the main part of the article.
Don’t forget to give the appropriate citation for each article.
There should be a brief introduction to your report setting out the key theme in each article.
This should be followed by the 2 reviews
There should be a concluding section to the report explaining how the articles aid our understanding of the relevant aspects of Organization Design.
Make sure the presentation is coherent in terms of typeface, font size etc., given that it is the result of more than one person’s efforts. Look at each
others’ contributions and co-ordinate them before you produce the final version.
(Total 100 marks)

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