Media and Politics Research Paper Assignment

Media and Politics Research Paper Assignment To ensure you have high-quality sources for the writing assignments, make sure you use this exact procedure to find scholarly sources using the library online database: 

Media and Politics Research Paper Assignment
Media and Politics Research Paper Assignment
  1. Use the “research center” link I created for you on the main menu.
  2. Next, you will be prompted to enter your name and student ID# on the login screen.
  3. This is extremely important, do not skip this step! Once you arrive on the main search screen (using academic search complete), check the little box on the bottom left of the screen to limit your results to “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.”
  4. Look through the results for sources relevant to what you seek. You may need to refine your search terms a few times, it helps to keep a thesaurus nearby.
  5. When you locate an article that is directly relevant to your topic, look to the far left side of the screen for the words “find similar.” The database has a build in AI (artificial intelligence) mechanism that will find closely related articles for you. This will make the research process much easier for you.

Media and Politics Research Paper Assignment

  1. When you have located articles that you plan to use in your assignment, access each article within the database and look to the far right side of the screen. There will be several tools available. Click on the word “cite” and a pop up window will appear with the citations automatically formatted. Scroll to the MLA or APA citation (pick one) for the article and simply copy and paste the citation into your works cited page. Just be sure to properly cite the article in the body of your assignment.

Here is a visual guide:

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