Painting and a Piece of Music Turn

Painting and a Piece of Music Turn in an outline which details the topics/subtopics of the paragraphs. Please include your annotated bibliography and note in the outline where you plan to use your sources by noting the name of the author.

Painting and a Piece of Music Turn
Painting and a Piece of Music Turn

You can turn in a partial or whole draft of the essay (with source citations) in lieu of the outline, but if submitting a partial draft “fill in” the structure of the paper with an outline of the remaining topics to be drafted.

Painting and a Piece of Music Turn Course Project Submission

You will submit your course project outline this week. The outline should give details as to the direction of your course project, including a thesis statement and an explanation of the major topics/works of art/ideas you are exploring in the paper with cross-references to your sources. Add details of topics/subtopics of the paragraphs. Please also attach the annotated bibliography (as one combined document with the outline, not as a separate upload). The outline is tentative and may be changed as you develop your project in future weeks.

Using two examples, each from different disciplines (i.e. painting and a piece of music OR architecture and a sculpture OR dance and theater etc.; mix and match these or other media), explain how the “human condition” is portrayed in 20th/21st-century arts and humanities.

Painting and a Piece of Music Turn

Using two examples from two different architects, analyze the “form” of their edifices and the degree to which these two structures match or depart from the concept of “form follows function” in architecture during the 20th/21st century.

Using at least two examples of theatre, music, and/or performance by two different creators, analyze how the search for the “American Dream” has been portrayed in 20th/ 21st-century staged, interactive, recorded, streamed and/or screen media.

Analyze the cultural changes that took place during the 20th/21st century as shown in the aesthetics of a particular period; focus upon at least two examples of artistic creation to support and illustrate that aesthetic in action.

Using at least two creative expressions or works of art, analyze the influence that Existentialism, radicals, humanism, a counterculture, reactionaries, an “alternative” or any other intellectual movement has had on 20th/21st-century humanities.

Discuss the theme of death portrayed in at least two 20th/21st-century artworks — visual arts, music, screened or staged entertainment, and/or theater especially.

Painting and a Piece of Music Turn

Using at least two 20th/21st-century examples, compare and/or contrast their use of physical elements (e.g., form, mass, color, texture, material, print, film, paint, performance, fashion, fabric, “found objects,” “ready-mades,” instruments, tools, sound, photography, recording, staging, canvas, mural, screen, installation, the body, live-streaming, projection, digital media, to name a few!).

Explain how the contributions of an “outsider,” folk, marginalized, self-taught, immigrant, indigenous, activist, and/or subversive artist made an impact upon the history/ culture of a particular society during a specific 20th/21st-century period.

Explore a local or regional artist or movement and document its impact upon your city, neighborhood, or “home turf.” This can be musical, literary, social, or religious.

Analyze at least two examples from 20th/21st-century pop culture which incorporate references to or reworkings of a particular art form.

Painting and a Piece of Music Turn

Analyze two artistic responses to politics, (in-)justice, ideology, religion, economics, power, (in-)equality, belief-systems or government during a specific 20th/21st-century period.

Research and narrate the reception by critics, sponsors, exhibitors, distributors, advertisers, mass media, judges, censors, “authorities,” and/or the general public to at least two controversial works of art from a specific 20th/21st-century period

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