Performance Musical Theatre Evaluation

Performance Musical Theatre Evaluation Performed two monologues after consideration of both dialogues and monologues too.

Performance Musical Theatre Evaluation
Performance Musical Theatre Evaluation

Just need to evaluate basically as stated below.

Detailed information will be given by message when you’re accepted.

This is the question.


An analysis of each text extract which should include the following:

1 – relationship(s) to relevant others

2 – given circumstances

3 – objectives

4 – action/intensity of the action

5 – clarification of beats and intentions (or equivalent breakdown of texts)

6 – language and style

7 – obstacles

8 Рrelevant objects or subjects of attention There are no specific entry requirements however individual schools may use varying audition processes. Learners are required to work as a
member of an ensemble in a Musical Theatre season. There are four compulsory units of study: Musical Theatre Skill Development, Ensemble
Performance Skills, Understanding and Responding to text, score or music and presenting polished Musical Theatre performances. Musical
Theatre may lead on to further study in Dance, Drama or Music.

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