Personal Development Plan Report for the Masters Skills

Personal Development Plan Report for the Masters Skills I have this report which is about my Personal Development Plan which requires:
To produce a 2500 word Personal Development plan.

Personal Development Plan Report for the Masters Skills
Personal Development Plan Report for the Masters Skills

You’re Personal Development Plan for the Masters Skills component of MG1
The design and content of your P.D.P brings together all the various research activity and study you have undertaken, with specific reference to how your Masters skills, knowledge and behavior have developed since you first commenced the module and how you will evaluate yourself at the end of the Module.
It should include a Personal development matrix with action points as part of the conclusion..
In particular, your P.D.P embraces elements from each of the key module learning sessions: Lectures, workshops and Independent
Learning activities.

Assessment Task for Personal Development Plan Report for the Masters Skills

You’re Assessment Task
To design and write a professional Personal Development Plan of maximum 2500 words (word count does not include references and bibliography).
There are personal planning guidelines in both of the Modules recommended reading books plus the three websites below, you must adapt this guidance into your own Personal Development Plan Structure..
Other personal planning sources are
This is a Post Graduate Academic assignment and as such your work has to go past description and narrative of you and your life to date.
It is expected as a minimum you include Harvard reference citations from your core reading books and list and reference to taught input to support your assertions. It is expected you allude to and adapt the models and concepts you have been introduced to in class and workshops.
To achieve a high grade and to develop deeper understanding and knowledge of the subject, you will be expected to conduct and evidence your wider reading and research beyond the directed reading/teaching materials.
You must compare a wide range of other authors work and current schools of thought in the subject area. This will be from Academic Journals and other research data gathered.
The critical analysis of this data and your findings must be evidenced in this assignment.
All assertions in the assignment MUST BE!!, evidenced by regular/frequent use of appropriate Harvard Reference citations, quotations and paraphrasing from taught material and other authors work to support your assertions, findings and conclusions.
See more details in attachments
I am look forward in the PDP report to be compatible with my CV, Personal statement, work experiences, my appendix) if you thinking to change some of my appendix I do NOT mind
Also I sent ( PDP Example, report instruction, CV , working experience, my appendix, books references, Skills Audit.)
This book is compulsory to use it in the PDP
-Davies, L. (2011) Study Skills for International Post Graduates, London: Palgrave
Lowes, R., Peters, H. and Turner, M. (2004) The international student’s guide. Studying
in English at university. London: Sage
Also see the reading list, and references in PDP example is so helpful
For appendix A: learning Style Assessments
I answered this part, the results say I am Reflector, and NEED YOUR HELP TO FILL this PART need to back to the Honey and
Mumford 1992 and what the says about this.
appendix B: skills audit
I answered this part and the end of this part need to mention my top skills and skills gaps with reflection also I NEED YOUR
HELP TO FILL to give 3 strategies.
appendix C: I wrote strength and weakness points Just need I NEED YOUR HELP TO FILL this PART some of opportunities and
threats like the one in PDP example.
appendix D; SKA and personal Strategic Concept Models
I NEED YOUR HELP TO FILL this PART ( please see PDP example
appendix F: Personal skills assessment
I answered this part
appendix G; Progress Report so Far
Need your help to fill this part ( please see the PDP example

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