Police Personnel and the Local Community

Police Personnel and the Local Community Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following: How do police agencies at the local, state, and federal level recruit, hire, and train employees?

Police Personnel and the Local Community
Police Personnel and the Local Community

How can agencies ensure they are promoting diversity by hiring women and minorities? How significant is stress in police training? Why should it be included in training programs? How does proper recruitment and selection assist with the implementation of community policing by local agencies? Include a summary of the discussion on the improper hiring practices article located by your collaborative group. Article: Federal Watchdogs Finds NOPD Hired Many Recruits Despite Serious Questions About Their Records. By: MATT SLEDGE Jan. 19, 2017 New Orleans Police department’s Superintendent Cheif Michael Harrison has always hired people with drug use, arrests, Domestic Abuse, and failed lie – detector tests. He states in the report, “Nobody’s perfect, and we’re not hiring saints and angels. We’re hiring human beings”. In fact, the article states that “The court-appointed federal monitors did a background on recent Police Departments progress and they did 137 recent police academy recruits and a third of them had at least one red flag. The monitors state, “Even when background check investigators pointed out applicants’ flaws, they were often overruled. In a handful of instances, supposed “automatic” disqualifies were “overlooked”. In this article, there are no allegations it is actually hard evidence that there are police departments out there that hire citizens with a record and it starts with the actual academy. In this article, there is a lot of problems. In my eyes, people were hired that had drug records or problems with drugs, domestic violence cases which should be a huge red flag for a police officer since they deal with citizens and even to the extent of being rehired when they were terminated for “Risk Factors“. Another huge factor is that the departments were denying this when they were being investigated. There was also no outcome to these. For Instance, it speaks of New Orleans superintendent chief’s improper hiring but also states they are confident in the hiring process because he has done a great job. In my perspective, I believe that these police officers should have been fired and the hiring guy should have been made to step down. If we have people like this on our force than you miss well tell anyone that they can sign up to be in the field. If the citizens find out about these police officers having a background then the citizens are not going to trust their city police department making the police officers jobs harder to communicate with the citizens. Remember when being a police officer gaining trust from your community is an important task. (https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/crime_police/article_4b3f5638-de5c-11e6-8416-6b0aea778d63.html )

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