Religious Faith Evidence Article Analyses

Religious Faith Evidence Article Analyses Here is the essay prompt: Regardless of whether you are religious/spiritual or not, interact with the following question: If a person happens to have religious faith, how important do you think evidence should be for anyone in relation to those faith beliefs?

Religious Faith Evidence Article Analyses
Religious Faith Evidence Article Analyses

In other words, give me your best thinking that defends your particular view on how important evidence should be for a person who has religious beliefs. If you think the evidence is important, tell me why with various specific reasons. If you do not think the evidence is important in the religious realm, tell me why with various specific reasons. Include why you do not prefer an opposing view in your essay. Be sure to interact with the two different conceptions of faith listed below that were discussed in class (Please note: You may or may not prefer one of the two definitions below. Your answer need not be limited to them. For some of you, you may have a personal position that is a bit different). Whatever your position is, be sure to keep your essay focus on the role of evidence in relation to faith, not on other side issues that are not relevant to this emphasis–because your essay is to be about religious epistemology. Also, be sure to make distinctions between subjective/intuitive evidence and objective/historical and scientific evidence as to their importance or not to your position.

Religious Faith Evidence Article Analyses

Philosophical conception: “Faith is trusting in an object or person or belief or concept that you, first of all, have determined to be true or not through evidence filtered through accepted epistemological standards that you personally found to be compelling. The reality first and then the trust.” (Note: evidence here can include subjective or intuitive experience, and/or scientific or historical type of evidence.)

Popular, “on the street” conception: “Faith believes in something which cannot be proved with evidence.” or “If you need evidence that you don’t have faith.”

What lowers a grade?

Poor writing mechanics resulting in a paper that is hard to follow.

Not keeping the focus of the essay on your personal position about the relationship between evidence and faith that is stressed above in the prompt. The importance of evidence or not, subjective or objective or not is to be an emphasis.

Not meeting the minimum word count noted above (Your 850-word count minimum is not to include any word count from the preface outline).

No preface outline included before the beginning of your essay.

Basic structure:

  1. Your preface outline

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