Report on a Network Implementation

Report on a Network Implementation Looking for a writer to deliver a unique, without plagiarism, 4-5 page report on a network implementation scenario.

Report on a Network Implementation
Network Implementation

It’s a fictitious company who’s looking to establish a new office location and network infrastructure. The report needs to contain key considerations and recommendations for the setup of the network infrastructure at the new office.
In short, you’ll be writing about LAN technologies, comparing and identifying different potential network strengths and weaknesses, evaluating Internet Service Providers, documenting hardware/software/bandwidth/device recommendations, and discussing potential troubleshooting methods.
I’ve got a document detailing what critical elements need to be included in the report, which will be provided so you’ll have all the requirements.
Project Type: One-time project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
1. Do you have any knowledge regarding LAN/WAN technologies, networking, and IT hardware/software? If so, please briefly describe.
2. Do you have any knowledge on how to compare Internet Service Providers for businesses and how to analyze if those providers can meet the business goals and objectives? If so, please briefly describe.
3. Do you understand how to troubleshoot LAN/WAN networks? If so, please briefly describe.

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