Research Integrity Approval Form

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Research Integrity Approval Form
Research Integrity Approval Form

The outlined research is to allow me to present the basis of my proposed research topic.

Select a topic area and provide a sound rationale for the proposed research- awareness of the value of the research to the industry, organization and or practitioner should be shown. Link topics studied in the Masters in Business Management programme should be identified.

My major is in Sales and Marketing.

I was thinking along the lines of increasing sales through proper modern marketing in the retail business in the Caribbean such as banks and retail stores.

The proposal requires about 500 words.

Research Integrity Approval Form Sample Answer


Business School

  Research Integrity Approval Form


Section 1: Research details



Matriculation number:




Title of proposed dissertation


How Caribbean Retail Stores Can Use Digital Marketing to Increase Sales


  1. To evaluate the effect of social media on increasing sales in retail stores in the Caribbean
  2. To determine whether or not social media is the best approach for enhancing sales in the retail business in the Caribbean.




  • To conduct an external environmental scan to determine the competitive situation of retail business in the Caribbean [PESTEL and Porter’s diamond or similar]
  • To analyze relevant Governmental policies to determine their impact on the retail sector.
  • To analyze relevant literature on the effect of social media on increasing sales in retail stores in the Caribbean
  • To conduct research and analyze findings
  • To make recommendations to help promote the use of social media in the Caribbean’s retail sector.


Section 2: Details of the research methods to be used
How will the data be collected (please outline all methods that you propose to utilize (e.g. self-completion questionnaires, structured interviews; semi-structured interviews; focus groups, etc).

self-completion questionnaires


What data collection tools will be used: questionnaire




Where will the data will be gathered (e.g. in an organization, on the street, at an event, online, etc).




How will the data sample be selected (e.g. random, cluster, sequential, network sampling, etc.).


Random selection



Section 3 – research subject details
Who will be the research subjects in this study?



Business owners, and employees in the Caribbean retail industry


How will research subjects be invited to take part (e.g. letter, email, asked in lecture, etc)?

Through email



Explain how informed consent will be achieved.

Informed consent will be attained voluntarily whereby participants will be notified of threats as well as benefits of the study.



Will participants be free NOT to take part if they choose?





Will any individual be identifiable in the findings?


No; to protect their privacy. Instead, the scholar will use substitute identities.



How will the findings be disseminated? For example, do you plan to provide participating organizations with a summary of findings?

Yes; in this case, the participating retail stores will get a summary of the findings through the email.


Is there any possibility of any harm (social, psychological, professional, economic etc) to participants who take part or do not take part? Give details.

No. The scholar will take into consideration ethical issues stipulated by IRB so as to protect the human subjects involved in the study. Moreover, the researcher will get informed consent from respondents while ensuring that they understand the risks and benefits of the study


How / where will data be stored? Who will have access to it? Will it be secure? How long will the data be kept?  What will be done with the data at the end of the project?

Data will be stored on web servers and protected by a password and it will be accessed by authorized persons such as research team. The data will be kept until the project is completed after which it will be discarded




Section 3 – Declaration
I confirm that I have discussed ethical issues with my supervisor.

(Please tick)


Name of Supervisor







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