Strategic Business Analytics Research

Strategic Business Analytics Research Provide relevant measurable attributes for the following objects.

Strategic Business Analytics Research
Strategic Business Analytics Research

1. Restaurant: e.g., atmosphere…
2. Investment banker: e.g., job satisfaction…
3. Consumer: e.g., price consciousness…
4. Bicycle: e.g., brand image…
5. Pair of sunglasses: e.g., brand image
6. Strategic business unit: e.g., sales…
How is the interval scale more sophisticated than the nominal and ordinal scales? Give examples from studies that have used these
scales. Traditionally, enterprises have focused their data strategies around business intelligence (BI), but the rise of predictive and prescriptive analytics platforms, in part thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, is changing the equation. Even business intelligence itself is evolving, tipping in capabilities previously exclusive to business analytics platforms.

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