The Best Leader and Leadership Theories

The Best Leader and Leadership Theories Instructions The company you work for has asked you to prepare a document that categorizes leadership theories. Assume this document will serve as a reference to quickly identify and explain the differences between leadership theories.

The Best Leader and Leadership Theories
The Best Leader and Leadership Theories

This document will have two parts: Prepare a table in Word or Excel identifying at least five Leadership Theories (e.g., Situational Leadership Theory) in the first cell of each row. The following columns should offer 3-5 distinctions (variables/traits) between the varying theories. For example, the advantages and disadvantages of each theory could be two of the columns. Hint: For your Word document or Excel sheet, Rows are horizontal flow (left to right) and Columns are vertical (up and down). In the first cell in each row, list the Leadership Theory (identify at least five). The other 3-5 columns are your choice. Anything you can compare or contrast between the theories will work. In a one-page report, describe the best leader you have worked for by answering the following questions: What theories of leadership The Best Leader and Leadership Theories do you think were most important to this leader and how did this leader make effective use of them? As a leader, which theories would you two have in common, and which theories would you not use and why?

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