The Nursing Process Reflective Writing Reflective

The Nursing Process Reflective Writing Reflective writing is one way of citing evidence of practice and learning in practice. Reflective writing involves thinking about and reviewing events to try to make sense of them, using acquired nursing knowledge and understanding.

The Nursing Process Reflective Writing Reflective
The Nursing Process Reflective Writing Reflective

Reflective journaling also provides insight into context and emotions and addresses the matching of intellect, decision-making and problem solving appropriate for a complex and dynamic situation.

A key component of this assignment will be a reflection on specific incidents occurring during a practicum experience. The reflective journal is more than a description of what was seen, and the tasks have performed. This journal is a chance to comment on actions and experiences in a practicum placement and to explore feelings about the same. Include how these could/should affect personal and professional development.

As a novice nurse, it will be required to plan, implement and evaluate performance; the reflective journal gives the scope to begin to develop these skills while completing a practicum.

A reflective journal is a learning tool that can be used to look at experiences and help to do the following:

  1. a) Review and reflect upon development, and how have grown on both an individual and professional level
  2. b) Organize thoughts
  3. c) Demonstrate practical application of the underpinnings of knowledge; link theory with clinical practice and vice versa
  4. d) Demonstrate practical competence
  5. e) Decide what new learning is needed; provide evidence to show where, when and how practice outcomes/standards of proficiencies have been achieved

Assignment Criteria for developing a reflective journal entry:

  1. Requirement: The student will express their comprehension of the nursing process in the reflective journal.

Choose to write about any aspect(s) of practice which:

Ï Feel the intervention made a difference in a client outcome

Ï Feel went unusually well

Ï Feel did not go as planned

Ï Think captures the essence of nursing practice

  1. Requirement: The student will identify the following elements in the reflective journal.

The focus should be on the nursing practice

Ï What was going on (the context of the situation)?

O Shift, time of day, resources, the clinical scenario

Ï What happened?

O Detailed description of situation/incident/experience

Ï Why is this incident important?

Ï What were the concerns at the time?

O What thoughts and feeling during and after the experience?

O What influenced the decision-making?

O What, if anything, was the most demanding aspect of this experience?

O What was unexpected?

  1. Requirement: The student will analyze the positive and negative aspects of their learning.

Choose to write about the following:

Ï A reflection or evaluation of the situation showing the competencies and expertise used (skilled communication, teaching, leadership). Support these with current evidence-based practice literature.

Ï What were actions taken? Include not just, what was done, but also, more importantly, the rationale for the actions. Support these with current evidence-based practice literature

Ï What new knowledge or insights were gained? How would make recommendations for change in practice?

Ï Provide references to show evidence-based practice (see guidelines below)

Ï Was anything learned? If so what?

Ï Consider another way to manage nursing practice as it relates to this experience? Has the nursing practice changed in any way?

  1. Requirement: The student will follow these guidelines

Ï Utilizing the above guidelines for contextual writing; complete two (2) journal entries throughout NUR 4180 (See AAG for assignment due dates).

Ï Journal entries should exceed no more than two (2) pages in length (not including reference page).

Ï Journal entries should include a minimum of two (2) citations from a peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal. The inclusion of evidence-based practice is an integral part of learning, critical thinking and growth, therefore, must be relevant to the journal topic and shows relevant learning.

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