The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley

The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley.

sdon Lane at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley
The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley

(Theater class) Plays
– The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley on Friday, 11/8 at 8pm
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Hi writer, I attend this performance and I would like you to write about it. I will attach the YouTube like in the message, so please watch this video and writer about it. Below how the teacher wants the paper.

The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley Writing Guide

Write a three to four-page (12 pt. Font, typed, 1 inch margins) paper about the performance that follows these guidelines:
BRIEFLY include WHAT you saw, WHO the artists were, WHEN and WHERE. This can be summed up in one sentence. Next, transition to
what you think the director’s INTENT for the work was. Intent can be defined as themes the play is dealing with and most importantly, WHAT WAS DIRECTOR SAYING about those themes. Think about why the director chose to do this production at this time and place in history; what RELEVANCE does this play have to us today? End your intro. ph. with a clear thesis statement,
stating what you feel this play was saying (or questions it was posing) about life.

The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley Body  of the Paper

Use Production Elements such as Acting (including use of body, timing, voice, emotion), Light Design, Stage Design, Costume
Design, Sound Design, Staging/Choreography, Props, and any other use of multimedia (video, other technology) were used to
express the theme(s) you saw being explored.
–Example of how the Production Element of Costume Design illustrated the theme of conformity/rebellion:
In the first Act, the performers are dressed in identical bright red jumpers. This portrays a sense of group identity and
rigorous conformity. When Angela enters in Act II dressed in a white dress with one stark red mark, contrasted with everyone
else still in red, she suddenly stands out as alienated from the group, yet due to the red mark, still “marked” by the group’s influence on her. This costume change amplified the play’s central theme of how a single voice speaking out in rebellion against the mainstream cannot fully escape the society this voice comes from.
–Example of how the Production Element of Staging illustrated the theme of miscommunication:
At one point, during a light-hearted, humorous exchange of dialogue, the actors became twisted and tangled into a strange, knot, and found themselves squeezed tightly underneath the dining room table. This staging underscored how even seemingly
light-hearted interactions can lead to awkward and even painfully confused and claustrophobic miscommunication.
–Something to look for:
Dynamics—did the production elements stay at the same level of intensity, or were there exciting, surprising contrasts in
Production Elements? If so, what were those moments saying to you in terms of the play’s central themes?

The Pianist of Willesdon Lane at the Berkeley Conclusion

You can discuss your own reactions here. Were you moved by this production? Did it make you think?
–GENERAL NOTE: DO NOT give a blow-by-b
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