Theories And Types Of Crime And Associated Harms

Theories And Types Of Crime And Associated Harms Value: 30% of final grade In 3,000 words (excluding title, citations , nd footnotes), select a type of crime (you may select one of the crime types covered in weeks 8-11, or another crime type), and explain it using one of the theoretical perspectives identified in weeks 1-3.

Theories And Types Of Crime And Associated Harms
Theories And Types Of Crime And Associated Harms

The focus of the paper will be on how society ought to respond to crime, based on the theoretical perspective you’ve taken. In your paper, you should:

Identify and define the type of crime you will examine, and the harms associated with that crime (and/or the harms associated with societal and state responses to it)

Drawing on your understanding of how crime is measured, discuss the prevalence of that crime in society (perhaps Canadian or North American society, or more broadly – but be sure to define the geography of interest here)

Identify and define the theoretical approach you will use to explain that crime type

Elaborate why this theoretical approach provides the most appropriate lens through which the crime type can be explained, contrasting with at least one other theoretical lens that has been covered within this course

Based on the theoretical approach you have chosen, identify what you believe to be the implications for how society should respond to this crime type

You are asked to identify and incorporate at least two new academic sources (journal articles, book chapters or books not covered elsewhere in this course), along with course materials, in crafting your arguments for this paper.

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