Policy Paper on Deterrence North Korea

Policy Paper on deterrence North Korea PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: Please write an essay in response (no longer than 6 pages, double-spaced). This is an individual paper that will be graded according to (a) The effort reflected in using course materials/readings; (b) The degree to which essays reflect understanding of theoretical arguments reviewed in class and throughout the readings; (c) The clarity and quality of the writing; and (d) The essay’s overall organization and subsections.

You are a nuclear strategy expert at the National Security Staff. North Korea recently crossed the nuclear threshold, by conducting a successful test, and announced itself as a nuclear-armed country. In reaction, South Korea activated its secret nuclear cooperation treaty with the United States and received from Washington the nuclear know-how and operational capabilities. Please outline for the new president, who is unfamiliar with the basics of nuclear strategy, prospective strategic moves of both countries, assuming that both seek to establish a stable deterrence regime as quickly as possible. In your response, please address the following:

(a) A summary of the pivotal questions you will need to answer in order to devise such a strategy including the lessons learned from the Cold War that influence your deterrence strategy. These questions should be incorporated into the work and not a separate appendix.

(b) A conclusion regarding specific steps that might be taken to address outstanding issues.

(c) Proper and ample justification for such a choice that should come from research, and use of examples. All research must be cited.

Your assessment should reflect your understanding of theoretical concepts, and demonstrate them with examples from historical episodes and how they might be applied towards Iran. Furthermore, course readings and materials should be appropriately incorporated and cited. The following are points that must be addressed in your paper and supported by course readings.

  1. Considerations for establishing an effective Strategy
  2. Deterrence and its two forms
  3. Basic conditions of establishing a deterrence regime
  4. Nuclear triad; strengths and weaknesses of each of its legs.
  5. First and second strike capabilities
  6. Two types of nuclear strategies
  7. The MAD regime and its applicability
  8. Intended and unintended signals
  9. Deterrence versus coercion.
  10. Limitations of Deterrence

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