Toussaint L Overture and Jean Jacques Dessalines

Toussaint L Overture and Jean Jacques Dessalines Using our textbook LET NOBODY TURN US AROUND as a starting point, conduct research on a historical figure that you select from the list provided as related to his/her contribution to the liberation or civil rights struggle of African-Americans.

Toussaint L Overture and Jean Jacques Dessalines
Toussaint L Overture and Jean Jacques Dessalines

Your final product must be at least 6 pages (full length) conforming to MLA standards that prove or substantiates the point of view indicated in your thesis statement, and it has to include work cited from a minimum of three resources in addition to our textbook.

*Chose both Toussaint L Overture and Jean Jacques Dessalines to write on.

*Thesis statement, consider something like the following: “Toussaint L Ouverture and Jean Jacques Dessalines led the Haitian Revolution, which freed many slaves and paved the way for other freedom fighters.”

Our text, Let Nobody Turn Us Around should serve as the primary source for your work and, as such, should be sited throughout.

MLA General Guidelines

Your works cited list will include everything you cited within the text of your paper… only include materials that were directly cited in your paper.

For each work cited there are five main elements:

  1. Author’s name (Last name, first name)
  2. Full title (as it appears on the title page. end with a period.)
  3. Place of publication (followed with a colon).
  4. Publisher (omit articles, use standard abbreviations, followed by a comma.)
  5. Year of publication (end with a period).

For online sources, you must also include the date you accessed the material.

You must follow a specific format for the works cited list.

Use the heading Works Cited. Center the heading 2.5 cm from the top of the page.

Double space all lines.

Use a hanging indent for the second and subsequent lines of an entry.

Italicize titles of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, websites online databases, films etc. Put titles of articles, essays, stories, chapters of books, pages in websites, etc., in quotes.

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