Development Policy and Practice Case Study

Development Policy and Practice Case Study At the start of the module, students will select a policy area from one of those featured: e.g. social, environmental, security and development policy. (The selection may vary from year to year according to contemporary relevance and the availability of study material).

Development Policy and Practice Case Study
Development Policy and Practice Case Study

Together, they will illustrate the parameters of and tensions involved in this area of policy-making. Each student will then address the assessments through a case study of their chosen policy area.

Mapping exercise 1 (formative assessment) students identify and map the role of stakeholders in their selected policy area in relation to a set problem. The findings of this exercise are expected to be incorporated into CW1 (Policy Evaluation Report).

The formative assessment requires students to engage with a significant aspect of their Policy Evaluation Report. It builds confidence both in the analytical and practice-oriented skills required to complete the final report in a satisfactory manner. It relates learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Methods statement ñ key elements to include: Define your problem

Focus on process or outcomes?

Define/ explain your evaluation criteria

Indicate a set of policy options that you will assess (might include current policy)

Analysis of cause and effect ñ evidence of past/ expected impacts of policy options

Indicate the sources you will draw from and how you will analyse them

Indicate relevant concepts/ theories/ methods for assessing policy options.

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