Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions

Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions in this course, we will be focusing on one single condition;

Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions
Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions

gradually unfolding week by week how this condition can grossly affect the entire human body and its systems.

Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions

The goal of the course discussions is primarily, to build upon the skill of differential diagnosis and secondary, to give a clear view as to how a single pathological process can possess the ability to affect an entire human organism.

Each week you will be presented with varying components of a new system being adversely affected by the unidentified condition.

Your task as a healthcare professional in training is to thoroughly research and envelop yourself within the process of differential diagnosis to arrive at a definitive diagnosis at the end of the course in Unit 8.

Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions

In phase one of the discussion, you will be tasked with presenting your researched information into a video or written presentation answering the questions below, while also considering your response and symptom presentation from Units 1, 2, 3,

4 and 5.

Video presentations should be a minimum of three minutes in length and should not exceed four minutes. Written presentations should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs per each diagnosed condition (3 conditions minimum).

Unidentified Condition Throughout The Discussions Symptom Presentation

Neurogenic Inflammation: Increased production of Substance P and increased transmission of nociceptive impulses in the peripheral nervous system

Previously, you researched and considered three conditions through the process of differential diagnosis that would present with varying abnormalities in homeostasis, metabolism, triglycerides, and DNA in Unit 1. Abnormalities in oxidation, plasma and tissue enzyme activity, inflammation and alopecia respectively in Unit 2.

Increased cortisol and demonstrated bone loss in Unit 3. Fibromyalgia and muscle atrophy in Unit 4 and increased glutamate and memory loss in Unit 5. Given the new symptom presentation above, consider and answer the following questions within a video or written presentation:

If choosing a video presentation, spend a minimum of one minute on each of the three questions below. If choosing a written presentation, create 2-3 paragraphs per each of the questions listed below.

What is Substance P and why would it cause an increased transmission of nociceptive impulses within the peripheral nervous system? Explain this process as well as define nociceptive.

Could the above rationalization be a contributing factor or main cause of the previously mentioned symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Explain your answer.

Can you identify any connections between symptoms (Units 1 – 6)? Rationalize and explain your answer.

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