A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash

A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash I have to write an article The information is as follows Your assignment is to write a news article about 300-600 words about the below incident. Assume you are writing for a locally-based media outlet, such as NJ.com.

A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash
A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash

Your completed article is due by
12:00 pm on Tuesday, December 18. Before turning in your assignment, scroll down to page 4 for information on how you’ll be graded
for this (it’s the same criteria as the previous papers). Email me with any questions or if you need help.

Dave William
is an All-Star forward for the New York Knicks basketball team William is widely considered to be the best player in pro basketball and was the 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player.
William averaged 42.3 points per game and 22 rebounds during his MVP
William is very big: 6’10” and weighs 235 lbs.
William crashed his 2018 Maserati on the Garden State Parkway in Union,
NJ at 11:30 pm last night.
William’s Maserati swerved into the right northbound lane and struck a concrete barrier and then crashed into an emerald green 2004 Ford Econoline XLT van driven by Maryanne Foster.
The Maserati is blue, has chrome wheels,
and red racing stripes. It cost $250,000.
The car William was driving has a top speed of 192 mph, according to Maserati.
William is 31 years old.
Maryanne Foster is 44 years old
Foster lives in Linden, NJ
Foster has three children: Brian, 2, John,
5, and Tom, 9.
After colliding with Foster’s van, the Maserati flipped and came to rest on the grass median at northbound mile marker 141.
Foster was treated at the scene for minor cuts and bruises.
There were no passengers in Foster’s van.
A passenger in William’s car, Clarissa Aron, was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene
Aron was 29 years old William was airlifted
from the scene to University Hospital in Newark
Aron was not wearing a seatbelt.
William was wearing a seat belt.
William and Aron met when William was a star player at Seton Hall University. They were often seen together.
William’s car was completely destroyed.
Foster’s van was also destroyed. She works as a self-employed courier and needs the van to make a living.
William was unconscious, so blood tests were necessary to do a sobriety check. The results will not be known for two weeks.
William suffered a head injury, a broken arm, and a broken leg. He is in a medically induced coma
William is listed in critical condition.

NJ State Trooper John Addams was behind William’s car, about to stop it for speeding, when the accident occurred.
William was charged with reckless manslaughter, a felony that carries a sentence of up to 10 years in state prison.

A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash Law Enforcement

Captain Jim Davison, NJ State Police spokesman
“Our investigation showed that the Maserati was traveling at a very high rate of speed.”
“A trooper had clocked the Maserati traveling at 133 miles per hour moments before the crash.”
“It appears Mr. William simply lost control of the vehicle and swerved, striking the van and then flipping his vehicle.”
“We’re not sure yet if alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash, but I’d be willing to bet my paycheck that alcohol did play a role. These athletes are always out partying with their girlfriends. But don’t quote me on that. That’s off the record.”

Ian Hubert, Assistant Union County Prosecutor
“Mr. William is charged with reckless manslaughter because of his dangerous driving directly caused Ms. Aron’s death. If his toxicology tests come back positive for alcohol or drugs, he will face more serious charges.”
“We take reckless driving very seriously in Union County.”
“He’ll get no special treatment here just because he’s a celebrity.”

MEDICAL Dr. Helen Donaldson, University Hospital
“At this point, we’re not concerned about Mr. William ever playing basketball again, we’re concerned with keeping him alive.”
“Mr. William is a good player, from what I understand, but I don’t follow basketball.”
“I’m glad he has a lot of money and good insurance. That will help.”

A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash Witness

Blake Allen, a witness, was
driving on Parkway
“These athletes, they get these cars and they drive them like jerks. Maybe he got what he deserved.”
“The car went up in the air and I saw the girl go flying out the window like a rag doll. She landed right on the pavement and me
could tell she was dead immediately.”
“I’m really sick of seeing these guys in their million-dollar cars behaving like this.
It happens all the time. Who’s the next victim? It could be me or you.”

Jim McMeehan, the witness, was driving on Parkway
“That Maserati blew past me so fast, my car shook. It scared me half to death. Then, a second later I saw it crash and cartwheel off the road. It was horrifying.”
“The cops really need to do something about these guys drag racing.”

A News Article about the Fatal Car Crash Paper Formatting

Does the header, font type, margins, etc. correspond to the guidelines in the syllabus? (Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced,
correct header)

Is the word count between 300-600?

Are there any misspelled words?

Are any of the names in the story misspelled?

Is the lead a maximum of 35 words?

Does the lead present the most newsworthy part of the story without being bogged down with details that can wait until the nut graf?

Does this paragraph tell us everything we need to
know—in general terms—about the story?

Does the story structure follow the “inverted pyramid” formula, where the most
relevant and important facts are higher up, and the lesser facts are later in the story?

Are the paragraphs a maximum of three
sentences long?

Is the story in the past tense?

Is it written in complete sentences?

Does your story answer the following:

Are your quotes adding to the story or just repeating what’s already been said?

Are you attributing them properly?

On the first reference, are you using the full name and title, and last name on the second reference?

Did you meet your deadline by emailing a Word doc of your story?

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