Analyzes and Evaluates of Human Geography

Analyzes and Evaluates of Human Geography ë…what people make of their places is closely connected to what they make of themselves as members of society and inhabitants of the earth.  If place-making is a way of constructing the past, a venerable means of doing human history, it is also a way of constructing social traditions and, in the process, personal and social identities.

Analyzes and Evaluates of Human Geography
Analyzes and Evaluates of Human Geography

We are, in a sense, the place-worlds we imagineí

óKeith Basso, Wisdom Sits in Places (p. 7)

As the quote above suggests, the ways in which different peoples of the Earth construct their identities is intimately linked to the processes that shape places, environments, and landscapes.  Interactions between humansí identities and their surrounding environments have of course also changed over time and across space in this region that today many calls ëThe Southwestí and ëNorthwest Mexico.í  For this essay, you are to use the different concepts you have learned in class to analyze and evaluate the changing relationships between human identity (i.e. the way humans see and understand themselves) and the places/landscapes/environments that have sustained them in the Southwest region.  Your analysis should start with the entrance of the first humans into the region and take the reader through the material we have covered so far (i.e. ending on February 21).  You should also be sure to define what you mean by the term, ëSouthwest.í

There are many ways to set up an essay.  One good way to start would be to first comb back over the material from lectures, readings, discussions, and exercises (including the museum visit) and to identify the main concepts and themes that have popped up.  From there, you can set up a timeline consisting of points in time (periods) during which different concepts, people, and places seem to hang together.  Doing this will allow you to divide up the paper into smaller, more easily digested bites and to more easily analyze and evaluate the main patterns that you see across time and space.  An example of one analytical concept that weíve used frequently is ërace.í  The idea of racial difference was certainly alive and well by the time of the Spanish conquest and its use continues into the present moment.  The history of the Southwest has been marked by tensions around this concept.  But, again, be careful with your concepts; we have no idea, for instance, whether the idea of race existed among so-called prehistoric peoples because they left no written records.  What we know of the identity of prehistoric peoples comes through the record of material objects found in different archaeological sites. After the conquest, we do have written records.  But, as you also know, those records come with the biases and agendas of the people who wrote them, so they must be used cautiously. You get the picture.

Analyzes and Evaluates of Human Geography Basic requirements

Ï 4 to 8 pages (max) ñ that is, roughly, 250 words per double-spaced page

Ï Use of proper citation form (APA, MLS, Chicago, etc.), including using quote marks and citations for all directly quoted material. When you draw from class notes, just cite it like this: (Banister Lecture 2019).  There is no need to create a bibliography.

Ï Must be turned into ëAssignmentsí folder by the due date (March 15, 11:30 pm) ñ late papers will automatically lose one letter grade and an additional letter grade for each 24-hour period that lapses after that.

Analyzes and Evaluates of Human Geography Grading Criteria

You will be graded based on how well your essay:

Ï Analyzes and Evaluates the course material:

That is, it ìexamine[s] methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of [information]Ö.for purposes of explanation and interpretation.î  To receive an ëAí grade, in other words, your paper needs to go beyond just presenting information; rather, it should assess and interpret that information and demonstrate that you comprehend it.

Ï Draws from the material we have covered so far.  This means demonstrating a firm grasp of everything weíve covered both in and outside of the classroom.

Ï Clearly expresses your thoughts ñ i.e. your essay must make sense and have a cohesive structure.

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