Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan

Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan
Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan

Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan

Order Instructions:

Dear Admin,

Note: To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached then answer the following questions:

Your PDP will be a document you will regularly revisit throughout your programme; be sure to keep it in an accessible place so you can update it with new goals, reflections on your learning, and plans for further study, development and research.

To prepare for this PDP assignment:

•Review Section 1 and Section 2 of your PDP. ((in the attachment files))

To complete this PDP assignment:

•Complete, the last section of your PDP, Section 3—Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan

•In formulating your PDP assignment, consider the following questions:

o How has your approach to and the concept of your own leadership style evolved as a result of your study in this course?

o What specific tools, principles and leadership theories have influenced and/or shaped your professional development plan?

o What tools, principles and leadership theories will you implement in your current professional position?

o What impact will the concepts learned and goals identified in this course have on the decisions you will make as a dynamic leader and/or manager in the future?


1) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

2) Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

3) Please don’t use Wikipedia web site.

4) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.

5) copy percentage must be 10% or less.

Note: To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached

Appreciate each single moment you spend in writing my paper

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Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan


Section 3—Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan

Professional growth and development takes considerable time before one achieves the set objectives.  I have set goals and had a clear purpose I wanted to achieve in my life. Over the years, I have taken on various leadership courses as well as responsibilities an opportunity that has helped me to develop high level of confidence.

I do believe in nurturing of leadership. People learn about qualities of a leader through the experiences in the environments they come from.  I am a living testimony that indeed leaders require mentoring and motivation. Taking leadership responsibilities at an early time has provided me an opportunity to interact and to sharpen my communication and problem solving. My level of confidence has also increased. I have as well learned Miller, 2011).  The diversities in corporations and the suitable approaches to manage or lead such environments . Therefore, studying this course has enabled me to gain deeper knowledge and skills concerning leadership. The responsibilities I have been engaging in have as well contributed to larger extent in evolving of my democratic styles of leadership.  As a leader, it is important to create a conducive environment where the managers and the followers can engage in a constructive discussions and criticism for the betterment of the organization.

Leadership to me is key to success of any organization (Cox, 2015). Leaders that have missions and visions will take an entity far to achieve the set goals. One leadership theory that I do believe has contributed immensely in shaping my professional development plan is participative leadership style. I do believe that a leader should involve other people in their leadership. Furthermore, I have personally benefited from the mentorship and network programs established as a leader. Learning and sharing with other members of the organization enlarges ones thinking and mind to address the problems that the organization faces.

I have remained steadfast to the visions and goals set.  In my current professional position, I believe that the appropriate theory to implement is transformational. I am the kind of an individual that is receptive to the changing times and concerned about the future generations. I will work to trigger change, to motivate, mobilize and trigger innovations and creativity among the followers. every person in the organization  should  give their best for the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

The course has exposed me to valuable knowledge on different areas to enhance quality and streamline operations as well ensure diversity in terms of cultures and aspects that pertains to organizations. I am so enriched with knowledge that I do believe will be of great values when it comes to prosperity of the organization. Concepts learned and goals identified will impact greatly on the decisions that I will make as a dynamic leader in future. As a leader, I will have to respect the views and opinions of the subordinates (Bauer, 2015).  I will therefore treat them with resilient and reverence as well ensure that they take part in the decision making process. I will as well ensure that I adopt to sound ethical practices as a leader.  A leader must remain honest and have a sense of reasonability to them. Servant leadership is therefore essential in this scenario. Furthermore, as a leader, I will endeavor to enhance quality and stream operations as well ensure diversity in terms of cultures. Therefore, as a leader the focus will be to ensure that people from different backgrounds embrace each other and work together for the success of the organization.

References list

Bauer, D. (2015). Successful leadership behaviours in Slovak organizations’ environment – an        introduction to Slovak implicit leadership theories based on GLOBE study findings.  Journal for East European Management Studies, 20(1), 9-35.

Cox, M. (2015). Back to the future professional development.  Knowledge Quest, 43(4), 46-53

Miller, G. (2011). The career coach: Winning strategies for getting ahead in today’s job market. New York:

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Personal essay of my life experience

Personal essay of my life experience
Personal essay of my life experience

Personal essay of my life experience

Order Instructions:

In the personal essay you will write your life experience, why you chose to come back to school which is the assoc RN PROGRAM. Im now a LPN. and what you expect to get from your education.In this essay, you will analyze and evaluate your personal beliefs, goals and expectations including educational and professional outlook,business and personal encounters and career transformation. this paper cannot be plagiarized


Growing up, I could never picture myself doing anything else but becoming a nurse. My mother was a nurse and my grandmother before that. I would listen to their touching and inspiring moments that happened to them daily, as well as, the heartbreaking experiences that they faced. This real human connection made me fall in love with the idea of becoming a nurse. I would like to use my skills to help patients in the recovery process.

My first opportunity to personal interact with patients came when I was in high school where I worked as a volunteer at a skilled nursing facility. When I first stepped onto the floor, the smells and sights of deterioration caused by aging overwhelmed me, at that moment I started doubting whether I was meant for this line of work. However, my perceptive started changing as I interacted with the patients. Whether attending to their needs or transporting them, I realized that most elderly people avoid having eye contact and never spoke unless when it was really necessary. This became my biggest challenge, because how would I know what they wanted, how they felt if they did not speak. I visited the patients on a weekly basis over the next year. This helped me to gain experience and learn to approach the elderly patients. Surprisingly, many of them found me to be so friendly and began looking forward to seeing me.

As I worked in the facility, I came across several experiences that have had an impact on my career as a nurse. I remember there was this day that I saw a certain nurse speak and treat the elderly in a dehumanizing manner. This enormously disturbed me. That day I left and began crying. For heaven’s sake, these were old people and all they needed was proper care and concern. Nurses should just view their work as a calling not as a job.  Through my exposure, I recognized that compassion and sensitivity are as integral to healthcare delivery as is medical knowledge.

In response to my desire to acquire knowledge about the medical profession, I spend my college breaks standing side by side with operating physicians. The intense and critical nature of the medical atmosphere has broadened my perspective to the qualifications and characteristics that nurses mostly possess. For example, I realized that most decisions made by the doctors are critical to the life of the patients. The decisiveness and intensity with which the physicians must respond to medical cases is not only appealing to me, but also part of my core characteristics. I like responding quickly to challenges.

I decided to join the school to continue my involvement in research in nursing-related activities so that I can enrich and fuel my desire to succeed in my goal of becoming an asset to my country. I never want to stop learning. I always want to be well equipped to help anyone who needs me.  Furthermore, nursing is a profession where one never stops learning. When practicing, I learned a lot of things that made me feel incompetent as a nurse. I challenged myself on what I knew and found out that it was not enough to help me attended to the patients confidently. Joining school happened to be the best choice. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I am grateful for the experiences that I have had so far. I cannot imagine pursuing any other career path at this time.

I believe in motivation as a key for a successful career as a nurse. I consider myself to be an extremely motivated individual.  My parents instilled in me values of strong work ethic and responsibilities that one should incur to enhance their goals, motivations, and dreams. Therefore, when I have a goal to achieve, I dedicate myself until I attain the task. This extends my aspirations as a nurse. I feel that as an emotional and intellectually capable individual, I have a calling to dedicate myself to helping others.

I intend to establish a Skilled Nursing Care Facility where residents staying in the facility will receive necessary medication, administered by the nursing staff, and overseen by a Medical Director. The patients will be encouraged to take part in physically non-demanding activities to improve their sense of connection and speed up their recovery (Oermann& Gaberson, 2014, P.57). My facility will focus on offering respectful and nurturing care. We also offer a more humane, but still a medically-qualified, option to ensure that we provide standard medical procedures.

All I would like now is to graduate to get to the point where I can always have the skills and knowledge to be there for people. I just want to see my childhood dreams come true. I cannot wait to show my gratitude to all those who have been there for me throughout this journey. I believe with care, understanding, determination and inspiration I will be one of the greatest nurses our country has ever seen.


Oermann, M. H., & Gaberson, K. B. (2014).  Evaluation and testing in nursing education.

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A Day in the Life Essay Assignment

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

The purpose of this assignment is to record your life for one day and critically discuss how you are an actor in society; how you affect your social surroundings; and, how your daily life is shaped and constrained by society. This will allow you engage with many of the sociological concepts reviewed to-date including newer concepts such as impression
management, stage theory and emotional labor.
Explain why you needed to perform in such a way (i.e., your motives, instincts, feelings, or structural constraints). Do you see who you are and where you are now? Write down your conclusion for this one-day life review journey.
1) Keep a journal. For one day record your life starting from the time when you wake up, to the first person you talk to, until you have finished your day and fall into bed asleep. The journal should be highly detailed Including details such as times, locations of every
place you have been to (including where you start and end), people you have encountered, the ‘roles’ you have played facing different people and in different situations, the institutions you come into contact with (education, family, government, health, etc).
Identify ‘who’ you were and ‘where’ you were in terms of what you have performed and what
‘stage’ you were on. Once you have completed your day, you will need to type your journal and include it at the end of your write-up. (the journal does not count towards you page count)

2) Analyze your day: After your day of journaling, you will use your typed journal to write a 3-5 page review of a day in your life (in essay format), using at least 8 sociological concepts (identified, defined, and analyzed) covered in this course to discuss:
– details about your day from a sociological perspective (eg. roles, institutions, interactions, impression management, stage theory, emotional labor)
– explanation of why you needed to perform in such a way in each of the settings you encountered (i.e. your motives, instincts, feelings, and/or structural constraints)
– a macro sociological analysis of ‘who you are’ and ‘where you are’ in society
– your conclusion for this one-day life review journey
The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 11-point font, 1 margins. Both the write-up
and your typed journal should be saved as ONE document with page numbers. Remember to
include a citation for any resources referenced, in proper APA format.
The dairy can be made up (went to the mall, park etc.) Part of the 5 pages is the journal.

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Characteristics of Loma Linda University

Characteristics of Loma Linda University Order Instructions: I have my own personal statement. Could you please read and refer to my essay? And if I want you to put some of my ideas, how can I do? The school provide this 5 topics.

Characteristics of Loma Linda University
Characteristics of Loma Linda University

1. Tell us what characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education. (4000 characters max)

2. Discuss how your spiritual origins, development, and experience have influenced and been integrated into your daily life

3. Tell us the desirable qualities that you see in yourself that you believe would aid us in considering your application

4. LLU believes deeply in integrating spiritual values into the educational experience. As a result, religion courses and chapel attendance are part of the curriculum. Tell us why you believe such a faith-based education would be of special benefit to you. (4000 characters max)

5. As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, Loma Linda University has lifestyle expectations which include abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs/substances in all forms while enrolled. If you are accepted to Loma Linda University, are you willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of the University ( while enrolled?

Characteristics of Loma Linda University Sample Answer

Personal Statement

  1. My previous experience with learning institutions has been intriguing. Whereas other learning institutions endeavor in molding all-round students, some take up the opportunity to instill the learners with limited values that are only useful in enabling short-term success of the students. For instance, a school whose curriculum is majored on theoretic learning without indulging the students in sporting, physical and spiritual activities is likely to nurture ‘half-baked’, self-centered graduates whose main goal in life is personal success. Such institutions have little consideration for spirituality, morality and ethics. In the end, they produce students who can hardly fit in the dynamic and competitive work environment. It is from this personal reflection that I have undertaken an intensive search aimed at finding a Christian-based institution of higher learning that will facilitate my growth into an all-round person, who will nurture my skills, personality and character towards being charitable and helpful to my immediate society and the world at large.

In my own opinion, and subject to the information I collected regarding high caliber learning institutions, Loma Linda University stands out as being a highly graded institution, which can facilitate my achieving of these subtle life goals. In particular, Loma Linda University is characterized by attractive attributes, which revolve around a healthy educational background on medical training, a good reputation, and a Christian background where spirituality and morality are given a ground to thrive. First, Loma Linda University has committed towards encouraging its students to live lives that are focuses on spirituality and a wholesome lifestyle that is consistent with Christian principles taught at Seventh-day Adventist churches across the world. Their acceptance of students from other religion is an added characteristic that makes LLU admirable since it is implicit of the commitment to change the worlds view on all round learning. This is because the institution has helped thousands of students attain the elusive life goal of merging spiritual values and academic excellence.

The second attractive characteristic is that LLU is a faith-based school, which is focused on teaching its students on the value of faith. Loma Linda University admits a rich variety of religions but still manages to pull them towards a common faith thus spiritual commitment becomes the focal point, which holds all the students together regardless of their religion. This means that the students will have an opportunity to interact with the different people from society and this will result into a highly knowledgeable person whose personality meets the medical needs of the 21st century. LLU has even gone ahead to include chapel lessons into their curriculum and this strengthens their commitment towards molding capable students. Personally, I would like to be a part of the greater community of students at LLU.

My decision to apply for advanced education in physical therapy is motivated by my past experiences. I developed the passion to undertake this course after I made a decision to become a paid assistant to a physical therapist where I was particularly interested in manual hand therapy and functional massages. Currently, I still work in the physical therapy clinic and have had a great experience with patients. At times, some patients come for checkup and it makes me happy to see that the patient’s condition has improved after I practice my raw techniques on physical therapy. Nonetheless, there are times when I notice that the patients have not shown improvement. I empathize with these patients and this has motivated me to enroll for physical therapy workshops as well as an advanced physical therapy course at LLU so as to bring my dream closer to reality.

  1. This question seeks to identify with the origin of my spirituality, personal development and experiences and how they have been integrated into my life thus influencing my personality and character. Whenever I undertake my day to day activities, I often find myself thinking about my childhood and how it connects with the current person that I have become. It surely amazes to realize that you have gone through spontaneous cycles of transformation and that the end result has been positive. Altogether, it has been the power of God. Right now, the scars on my face and the painful memories of the past influence most of my daily life. The fact that I was born in Korea has affected the social part of me. Moving to the United States was also a very different experience. Comparing these two countries, their levels of commitment to God and spirituality in general is different. Koreans do not attach much value to Christianity as most Americans do. This means that if I had spent the rest of my life in Korea then I would be living a different life now.

On the part of my personal growth and development, which was transformed five years after immigrating into USA, the thief who attacked me at the clothing store where I was employed had a significant impact on my life. The ruthless thief swung an iron butt which struck me in the lower jaw breaking them into pieces. The long period of suffering, medication, therapies, headaches and indigestion made me realize that life was a gift and it was not to be taken for granted. Even through the incidence took away my self-esteem, and broke my heart as I plunged into a state of despair, I realize that each and every human being had a role to play. This seconds Shakespeare’s remarks when he states that the world is like a stage where every human being has a role to play. In fact, it is my encounters with medics at various levels of recovery that I made a commitment in my heart that I will live every day of my life serving humanity. The shortcut to being helpful to many people is participating in social works among other avenues that promote interactions.

Specifically, the decision to undertake an advanced course in physical therapy emanates from these experiences. It is an integration of desire that arises from spiritual origin and physical growth and development. Whereas spirituality gives me hope, physical growth and development gives me a reason to give back to society. The interplay of these three factors; spirituality, development and experience has been motivated by curiosity, desire and other driving forces which have influenced me into making certain decisions regarding my work-life balance. My family and friends have also been influential in determining the choices that I make in my life. Even though most of the decisions that I make are triggered by the urge to achieve my own goals and objectives, there are instances when I have sought for mentorship from my parents, mentors, friends and relatives. Their advice has been important in my attainment of a holistic growth.

Looking back, I realize that the encounter with a thief who maimed me had been a blessing in disguise. The pain that I went through during the therapies and the operations amounted to a painful lesson that has been significant in the way I approach humanity and my whole view on people. May be if I had not gone through the traumatizing experience, the pain and the desperate moments of tiring treatments, I would not be here today. My major focus is not pegged on the desire to become a physical therapist for the sole purpose of treating patients, but a physical therapist who will give patients hope and encouragement while overcoming their physical pain through exercises and treatments that will restore the injured parts of their body back into their best functional state.  I want to do my best to become a professional physical therapist versed with different methods and techniques that optimize on the attainment of healthy movement as well as being a motivation to humanity. These experiences, if narrated to a patient could be life assuring thus encouraging them to be strong in their spirituality.  Courtesy of my own experience, I wish to inspire patients while instilling them with the hopes that they will also pass on the torch of positivity and, thus, ultimately improve the human medical experience and transform society as a whole.

  1. Over the past two years since I started working as an assistant therapist, I noted that I had I had a personality that is attractive. Probably, my search for answers on humanity has shaped my personality into possessing some personal attributes that are rare to most people in the medical field. The attractive personality has been marked with a high level of competence and aptitude in the health profession. The attractive personality has become a strength since I have used my polite nature to influence patients into seeking spirituality. This personality has made me to be warm, caring and considerate towards the feelings of the patients. Secondly, I am talented. I believe that I am a gifted and talented physical therapist who has been blessed with a golden heart full of care and patience. These skills are evident from my previous experiences with patients where I accord them a lot of respect, care while simultaneously being adept in my selection of appropriate exercises for the patients. This talent has also been exhibited in my ability to give therapies where I displayed an understanding of the muscles and how they function with the joints. The other attributes that I have noticed in myself and developed on during my previous work exercise at the clinic is the need to remain charming in spite of the situation. Sometimes, a patient only needs a comforting smile or a reassuring look and this makes them confident that they can see another day. All the attributes mentioned have been crowned with respect for life and other people.
  2. Christianity is the core upon which humanity is built. It is said that Christianity is an inert believe in the existence of a sovereign being. I support theological doctrines that emphasize on holiness and spirituality because in embracing Christianity, the human body is made whole again. Education without Christianity is vanity and so is immersing a lot of wealth in unethical ways. The need to integrate spiritual values into the educational experience helps in defining major factors related to morality and ethics. This is supported by the fact that the medical field has some of the most deceptive practices ranging from deceitful pricing of drugs to the sale of non-effective medicines to undoubting patients. There are many other vices that can only be controlled through following spiritual values. Personally, I have had numerous experiences where some could have been prevented if the medics had a proper religious background. Again, it reflects back on the introduction, where I noted the existence of learning institutions that bring up students whose major aim is to maximize on their returns without giving a second thought to humanity. Such an instance that is rife is overpricing of medicine because of demand.

As an upcoming professional physical therapist, I would advocate for anything that induces normalcy to the education system and the work environment. As such, I believe in the need to integrate spiritual values into the educational experience. The inclusion of religious courses as well as compulsory chapel attendance into the curriculum strengthens the emphasis on these values thus enforcing the need for commitment. In my opinion, such a curriculum enforces personal devotion to God and this provides a healthy environment upon which students can nourish their spirituality because they are constantly in fellowship and meditation. Reflecting back on my life and more so after the accident, which transformed a major part of my belief system, I realized the need to appreciate God and with that I find it really wise to integrate religion with Christianity. Additionally, religion sets foundation for good mannerisms among students. Even through good character is embraced by the fact that the LLU is religious based, it is generally encouraged that people live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding indulging in drugs of abuse. The aspect of religion dictates that the students have to agree that they will not partake in the use of tobacco, alcohol or any other illegal drug. On the same note, the need to personal grooming adds up to the admirable characteristics since professional appearance is a must for medical students. This is because the careers in this field are professional in nature and dressing or personal grooming is important in enhancing the professional image. The administration is sensitive to the specific needs of the healthcare fields and thus the university prides in the creation of a professional standard of appearance. The fact that the bible forbids alcoholism, tattooing, or piercing, if enforced among the laws in a religious school, it creates a conducive atmosphere for learning. This adds to the fact that students have to be dressed in professional attires which do not expose their body parts.

  1. The lifestyle expectations set by the Loma Linda University, by virtue of its being a Seventh-day Adventist institution sets pace for my footsteps in personal and professional growth. For the reasons stated in the previous chapters, I will be devoted towards practicing the religious teachings as they are stipulated in the bible. All my life, I have wished that I can be accepted into a society that abides by strict morality stands so as to shape me into what God wants of me. By so doing, I will enhance my service to humanity.


Personal Development Assignment Paper

Personal Development
Personal Development

Class on Personal Development
Book: Textbook: Becoming A Master Student -14th edition , Dave Ellis, Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN 13:978-1-111-827533
(worth 20 points)

Read chapter 9 – Diversity and respond to the following questions;
1. As referenced in the chapter briefly describe at least three strategies for building relationships across all cultures.

2. Explain the differences among stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination (be specific).
3. Write a brief response to the Master Student Profile – Sampson Davis, how has Diversity affected his path, what are the three “D’s”

View grading Rubric

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Pharmacy Personal Statement Assignment

Pharmacy Personal Statement
Pharmacy Personal Statement

Pharmacy Personal Statement

May use some of these extra information if necessary.
Achievements :-
#Librarian Board 2008-2012
2010-2011 – Head of the day
2012- Head of digital department
2008- achieve Second and First GUP
2011- completed KUKKIWON’s 1st Dan Promotion Test
2010-2011 State player
2009-2010 state player
Clubs in high school :-
2010 Vice secretary of taekwondo club
2012 Maclay Sport House Treasurer
2012 Secretary of Tennis Club
2012 Vice Treasurer of English Literature and Drama (LIDRA) club
Extra activities :
2011 completed a course in Bread and Flour Confectionery
2012 completed a course in Advanced Baking
2014- Community Service in Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
2015- joined Pre-Medical Club and explored my path towards pharmacy via discussions related to human anatomy, drugs and chemicals, effect of drugs on human
etc. found myself interested in drugs.
-voluntary programme Tzu Chi, assisted Pharmacists in dispensary.
-voluntary programme in Malaysian Association for The Blind. Help them interpret story books and organising new books

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