CSR Profile of a Global Hospitality

CSR Profile of a Global Hospitality Case Study – CSR Profile of a Global Hospitality or Tourism Company

CSR Profile of a Global Hospitality
CSR Profile of a Global Hospitality

You can write about MARRIOTT https://www-lexisnexis-com.ezproxy.fiu.edu/dossier/companyreporting/start.do?prod=CD&cdcomp=aa852eed60dd54bebd181b8a0cf56142:aa852eed60dd54bebd181b8a0cf56142:6_T641150648&host=Rosetta_US_Academic&LC=US&entityId=1032207&reportKey=snapshot_report&ticker=MAR&countryName=United%20States&disclosure=y&companyName=Marriott+International%2C+Inc.&companysCountry=Public+-+Parent&sicCode=7011&desc=Hotels+and+motels

The specific assignment is for you to complete and submit an original paper answering the following questions/prompts:

Prepare an introductory section about the selected company detailing size, locations (number, international, domestic, etc.), type of company, main competitors, place in the market (leading the segment, trailing, etc.). Identify the company’s stated mission and values. Most companies publish this on their websites and they could be called Mission Statement, Values Statement, Vision Statement, Credo or possibly even something else. This is difficult to write in a limited number of words and time should be devoted to refining this paragraph until the student is certain that all of these items are included.

In the second section you should review the company’s social responsibility (CSR) strategy; mention briefly all of the company’s current CSR initiatives. In this same paragraph, you should identify the cause, or various causes being addressed by the company’s current CSR activities. Use vocabulary from the textbook and other class readings to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concepts and your ability to identify them within a hospitality or tourism company.

Select one initiative to describe in more detail in a third section. Here you should analyze the one selected initiative in terms of strengths, weaknesses, benefits, concerns, and keys to success

In a 4th section, you should provide your personal evaluation of whether or not the initiative is strategically aligned with the company’s mission and business values. anything you might have done differently if you were running the company and support your statements with specific reasoning.

Include a References (bibliography) section at the end which should mention all sources of information that you have used to prepare your Case Study. If you obtained the information from a website, you should include the URL and indicate the date you accessed the information. For help from FIU Libraries on this topic go to: http://libguides.fiu.edu/citation. You may submit your references in any of the styles mentioned. I prefer APA only because that’s what I use in my work but if you are already accustomed to one of the other styles that are perfectly acceptable.

Label (put a heading at the beginning of) each section which should be a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of one page each.

Even though you will have collected a lot of interesting information about your company and its cause(s) do not submit more than what I’ve described above. Please just cover in this assignment exactly what I’m asking for and save the researched information. Save everything you don’t use because some of this material will become the foundation of your CSR Plan where you will go into detail on CSR initiatives as a part of your recommendation to the company for its 2019 CSR Strategic Plan.

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