Eight Year Old Bride Dies on Wedding Night

Eight Year Old Bride Dies on Wedding Night
Eight Year Old Bride Dies on Wedding Night

Eight Year Old Bride Dies on Wedding Night

Review the article “Eight Year Old Bride Dies on Wedding Night” and post your reaction to the article on Canvas. Some points you may want to address:

1) What are your overall thoughts about this article?

2) At what age do you think is appropriate for girls to marry? The minimum age for boys to marry?

3) Should there be a universal law regarding minimum age to marry that all countries should follow? Should it be left up to the individual countries to determine the minimum age to marry?

4) Should parents be able to decide when their children can marry and to whom?

5) What does this article say about how various cultures around the world value males vs. females?

6) Using the information you learned in Chapter 1 of your text and from other sources, think critically about this article. Could this story have happened? Is this a true story?

Please discuss your responses to the above and post on Canvas. You can also respond to postings from other students. As always, be respectful of your fellow students’ responses and abide by the course guidelines regarding mutual respect for.

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