Explain the Causes of Democratic Instability

Explain the Causes of Democratic Instability Instructions

Explain the Causes of Democratic Instability
Explain the Causes of Democratic Instability
  • You will be required to submit a digital copy of your paper to the Turnitin link on TritonEd. No hard copy is necessary. Please retain a copy of your submission confirmation, in case there are any technical

issues with your submission.

  • All responses must be 6 to 7 pages in length.
  • Use standard formatting with:

– Double spacing,

– 11 or 12 point font (Times, Helvetica, Calibri, etc.),

– 1-inch margins,

– No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,

– No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.

  • Please include the number of the prompt you are responding to.
  • Cite lecture and class readings where appropriate;

– You must cite from all of the lectures in parentheses after the prompt,

– Include a bibliography and in-text citations,

– You may use any standard citation style, (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.),

* Please note that all style guides provide a format for citing lectures.

– The system will not accept late submissions. If you need to turn your paper in after the deadline,

  • The TAs will not accept a screenshot of your document’s metadata as proof that you completed the assignment on time. In order to receive full credit, you must both complete the paper and submit it prior to the deadline.
  • We recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your exam, as you may encounter technical difficulties with your submission. Such difficulties will not excuse a late submission. Use Michael Mann, Fascists and Joshua Kurlantzick, Democracy in Retreat as sources.

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