Exploitation of Innovation through Commercial Network

Exploitation of Innovation through Commercial Network Aims: to analyze of the exploitation of innovation within an organisation through a commercially developed SOCIAL NETWORK service.

Exploitation of Innovation through Commercial Network
Exploitation of Innovation through Commercial Network

Required: an analysis of a recent IBM initiative relating to ‘Social Business’ ibm.com/socialbusiness/uk
It is expected that an in-depth investigation and analysis is undertaken to determine the extent of the theoretical and practical issues involved in how the
Social Media service was achieved through knowledge and innovation frameworks. Examples should be drawn from other research into well-formulated networks
currently available, ie; Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Writeboard, etc. You should include your case analysis enabled successful knowledge
and innovation within the organization. This should also involve a consideration of developments in the field by providing insightful explanations of current
and future potential social media exploitation.
The report should provide an academic analysis by recalling the theories and approaches that are relevant to the topic. You may structure your report to
include any relevant tables or diagrams.
The following learning outcomes are assessed through this assignment.
1. To critically discuss the nature and process of knowledge creation and transfer within organizations.
2. To critically evaluate organizational and social dynamics combine to engender innovation.
3. To analyze the application of concepts and theories related to new ‘social network‘ technologies.
4. To be able present theoretical and empirical evidence to address complex problems and practical and practical situations in relation to knowledge
management and innovation development.
There will be some uploads including in-depth order description, and lecture slides.

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