Information Systems Development

Information Systems Development Task 1 – Requirements Gathering [15 marks]

Information Systems Development
Information Systems Development
  1. What requirements analysis strategy or strategies would you recommend for this case study?

Explain your answer. [5 Marks]

  1. What requirements gathering technique or techniques would you recommend for this case

Study? Explain your answer. [5 Marks]

  1. What system development methodology would you recommend for this case study? Explain

your answer. [5 Marks]

Task 2 – Requirements modeling [50 marks]

  1. Create a goal model for this case study that you can show to stakeholders for feedback. [25


  1. Identify the potential users of the system and write a user story for each type of user. [25 marks]

Task 3 – Requirements Analysis [25 marks]

  1. Define how many subsystems are required for addressing the requirements? Write their

Definitions and, from there, proceed to establish the subsystem’s high-level functionalities. The

following table provides a template for your answer. Write down at least 4 subsystems and their

functionalities. [25 marks]

Source: SYSTEMS ANALYSIS & DESIGN An Object-Oriented Approach with UML



Proper prop is an Australian real estate company involved in a variety of real estate investments and activities. This is a company with a large number of customers who need a variety of different services.

The proper prop has a web site that shows individual property information. Customers are able to search the company web site for properties based on suburb and price. If a customer can’t find any matches, they are asked to contact the company via phone or online messaging to ask the company to make a search on their behalf. A Proper prop agent then searches the other real estate databases that they have access to for potential matches. If the agent finds any matches, they then contact the real estate companies responsible for those properties and update the customer on their findings

If a property is found that the customer wants to inspect, they can make an appointment with an agent to view the property. After the inspection, if the customer decides to buy or rent the property, the responsible agent will prepare the relevant paperwork.

The agent makes a record the property data and the buyer/tenant’s information for future use.

As demand for their services has grown Proper prop has decided to design and implement a web-based information system to assist in the management of their processes. It is envisaged that the information systems will manage the overall operational activities and processes, starting from the management of the property, to the management of real estate agencies, agents, clients, and financial transactions. The system will be required to provide comprehensive reports for analyzing the real estate agent’s performance and efficiency to enable management to make better-informed decisions. The system should address as a minimum the following requirements:

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