International Marketing Plan to Sell Pork in Israel

International Marketing Plan to Sell Pork in Israel Please remember to:
(1) Answer the questions provided in the prompt
(2) Timeliness – finishing my work by the deadline provided

International Marketing Plan to Sell Pork in Israel
International Marketing Plan to Sell Pork in Israel

(3) Use several quotes from the textbook or a credible source to support the claims in your writing
(4) APA-citing within the body of your post and end of post references. Please do not plagiarize. Cite all sources.
(6) Please copy and paste EACH question on the line above your answer. You will loose points for each question not answered.
MKTU 640: (The class is called Seminar International Marketing, so please try to write from that perspective)
Cateora, P.R., Gilly M.C., & Graham, J. L. (2017). International Marketing, 16th. ed. New York, NY: MCGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-352997-4
Writer- please do not ask me for the textbook because I do not have it. Your company told me that you would be able to find the book online.
Based on the Readings in chapters 7, 8, 9 put together a plan to sell pork in Israel. Someone from the pork industry with the interest of growing sales
suggests that Israel would be a good market to sell pork. Research secondary sources to determine the viability of this suggestion:
How big is the market(s)? You have to decide if you are promoting B2B or B2C or both.
Why and why not would you enter Israel to sell pork?
Make a strong case for this opportunity.
What other countries would be more viable?
Describe a primary research plan and develop a 8 item questionnaire you would implement to investigate this market (Israel)-tell who you would survey, how
you would survey (face to face, digital, telephone, etc), Assume that you would ask the typical demographic questions, the 8 are non-demographic.
Be sure to cite your references and research sources.
Turn this paper in by this week, it will be between 4-6 pages.

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