Interview with Nurse Practitioner Paper

Interview with Nurse Practitioner
Interview with Nurse Practitioner

Interview with Nurse Practitioner

Assignment 1: Field Activity – Interview & Report This assignment is created to allow the student to gain insight into an ethical experience and review the outcome.

You will interview one nurse about his/her ethical/moral experiences in advanced practice.

1. The student will ask the nurse being interviewed to describe an ethical/moral situation they have experienced in their practice. Keep in mind the following when documenting the interview:

  • Brief synopsis of ethical situation shared by person being interviewed.
  • Ethical principles used.
  •  Ethical perspective taken.
  • Ethical decision making process used.
  •  Alternate approaches that could be taken when dealing with the situation.

2. The Interview document should be double spaced with at least 5-7 pages of content. Cover page and references are not counted as content pages. Evaluate the information gathered to determine: which moral principles were used, which ethical perspective was taken, and what are the implications for advanced nursing practice.

3. The student will create a list of questions to be used for the interview and will obtain approval from the faculty member prior to conducting the interview.

4. This paper will be written using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and APA (6th ed.) referencing. Supporting documents should be included as necessary.

5. Utilize the course concepts from the text and at least two other scholarly sources to enhance your analysis Thomson & Thomson offer a model to help moral reasoning and the ethical decision-making process.

The model contains 10 steps:

  1. Review the situation
  2. Gather additional information
  3. Identify the ethical issues or concerns
  4. Define personal and professional moral positions
  5. Identify moral positions of key individuals
  6. Identify value conflicts
  7. Determine who should make a needed decision
  8. Identify the range of actions with anticipated outcomes
  9. Decide on a course of action and carry it out
  10. Evaluate or review outcomes of decisions and actions (Thomson & Thomson 1981) could be a guide for you

The questions could be something like;

a) When you reviewed the situation, what information did you gather?                                                 b) What ethical issues and concerns did you identify? c) Was your personal moral position different from your professional one? From that of the organization? From other key individuals?                    d) Were there conflicts in values between team members and the organization?                                          e) What course of action was taken, and how was it carried out?

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